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A special feature of academic poster is that the aim of delivering message in this assignment type is reached not only through writing but through using different visual elements.

In order to create a pdf poster that will attract attention of the readers, some simple rules have to be followed:

  • It is important to make sure that your poster looks attractive. People usually have a look at posters visually first and only then read the information provided in it. 
  • Information should be provided in bullet points or simple short sentences. 
  • The information used should be easily comprehended.
  • Pay attention to the way you provide information on the poster. Avoid making it too messy, as it will make it difficult for the readers to connect the data presented logically. 
  • Avoid information overload.
  • Use those pictures or charts that help comprehend the main message.
  • Proofread the information presented. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. 
  • Choose colors in such a way that the text is easily distinguished on the background. 

Considering that academic poster should contain only the most essential information related to a specific topic, you should start writing process with a little research. It will help you make a list of issues you find important and then narrow it down to the most critical and essential points. Such approach helps avoid unnecessary information. Besides, writing, you will also have to consider other things, such as, for example, where to place your poster. To do it right, you should think about the target audience first. After that, it will be easier for you to choose a place either it is a dentist office or school bulletin board. In addition, remember that the easiest and the most effective way to get the task done correctly is to start your research poster from creating a draft. 

Tips on Poster Design 

Pdf poster design should be paid particular attention to. The deal is that the way you present the information will influence the effectiveness of your message delivery. The information is usually presented from top left corner to bottom right. You may write it in a single column mixed with pictures and graphs or make a couple of columns depending on a number of information. Make sure the text is clearly visible. Most often, light colors are chosen for the background and dark for the text. Besides, it should be noted that some colors that look great on your monitor might not look well on the printed paper. 


  • If you copy images from the Internet, make sure their resolution is high (150dpi or higher). Low resolution pictures will make your posted look awkward.
  • Depending on your purpose, you may use transparent or non-transparent images (in gif/tif or jpeg formats respectively). Make sure you insert the image directly into the PPT without making links to other programs. 
  • Charts created in Excel file can be simply copied from there to your poster.
  • After the images were inserted into the PPT, do not enlarge them. Their quality will be lost. To create proper proportions of the images, use “shift” key on your keyboard. After clicking it, drag the corners of the image to enlarge it. 


  • To make your academic poster presentation look good on any device, you should use cross-platform font. In other case, the text may be lost on those devices that do not support the font you have chosen. Make sure to embed that font in your presentation. 
  • Make sure that the title of the poster is clearly see. It usually takes the entire width of the poster. It is recommended to place the main text in columns. However, it usually depends on the research poster size. Use headings where necessary. 
  • The most widely used fonts for posters are Arial and Times New Roman. Some other fonts that may be used are Book Antiqua, Veranda, etc. 
  • In order to make the text clearly seen, do not make it smaller than 18 points. However, the font size will depend on the poster size and the amount of information provided.
  • Make sure the text all over the poster is of the same size. Do the same for the headers. 
  • Do not insert text in a form of an image. In this way, you will not be able to edit it if necessary. 

Suggested Font Size

  • Use font size from 72 to approximately 100 for title.
  • 44-80 pt. for subtitles.
  • 36-70 pt. for headers.
  • 18-40 for main text. 

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Useful Recommendations for Scientific Poster Writing

  1. While creating an academic poster, make sure you pay close attention to its content. Considering a limited amount of information you can actually put on your poster, choose one aspect you want to discuss and concentrate on it. 
  2. Use PPT for making you academic poster. First of all, it will help you edit it quickly and easily. Second, you can print your posted directly from PPT by sending it to printer. You can find many poster templates online, which will make your work even less problematic, especially if you lack designer skills. 
  3. Chose a proper format of your poster. It is usually 8 by 10 feet in size. However, you should consider a place where you are going to place your poster and adjust its size accordingly. 
  4. Make sure you provide information logically. It should lead from fact to fact to make it easy for the readers see the general picture. You can also check some examples of posters online.
  5. Here are some things to avoid in the process of poster creation:
  • Avoid writing the main text in capital letters;
  • Avoid using different fonts (more than two);
  • Avoid using fancy fonts, it will make your poster look silly;
  • Avoid using whacky color schemes. 
  1. Make sure your title attracts attention, as it is the first thing a reader will look at. Use big font and be creative writing a title. 
  2. Pay attention to visual presentation. Posters are not only about text. They are also about visual elements. It means that it is better to replace long blocks of text with images sometimes. It will be more interesting for the readers to read posters like that. Much text may be the reason why people will refuse from reading your poster.
  3. Do not forget about text editing. Editing will help you avoid mistakes and find areas that need improvement. However, in case of poster, editing is not only about the text. It also entails removing unnecessary or irrelevant elements or even reducing the number of text presented. Make sure to include only interesting, catching and relevant information and visual objects are presented. 
  4. Empty spaces on your poster will make it look less overloaded with information. 
  5. Ask someone to give you a feedback on your work. People who are not involved in your work may find areas for improvement you have failed to notice. 
  6. In order to attract people attention to your poster, you can stand by it and present it to the interested individuals. Explain what the whole thing is about. It may also be a good idea to print some of your contact information on the poster. It will help people get more information from you later.

As you can see, poster creation is an interesting and creative process. However, it may be quite complex at the same time, especially for people who are not good at preparing visual materials. If you have never completed assignments of such type before and you do not know how to create an academic poster, you can always ask for writing assistance and create a pdf poster online. Our writing services are the best choice in this regard, as we know how to create high quality posters that will grab readers’ attention. Contact us now and get a poster you need. 

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