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CPM Educational Program is a non-profit organization that has been providing problem-based instructional materials for instructors since its foundation. College Preparatory Mathematics program was originally a fund-granting program that aims to boost students` math proficiency. The teaching strategies of this program focus on how students learn and improve their mathematics skills. 

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Main Principles of CPM Program

The research-based principles assume the following requirements:


Students should interact in groups to enhance mathematical discourse under the thorough teacher`s guidance;


Students should be involved in problem-based lessons discussing a particular idea;


Students should practice with procedures, theories, and concepts, which should be spaced over time.

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Our specialists also provide CPM homework help CC3 to despaired students from different countries. To reach the best result, they use graphs and tables. If needed, our specialists can manipulate expressions including the ones with fractional coefficients. What is more, our writers use diagrams and patterns to solve contextual problems.

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