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A career can be described as the specific composition of a person’s activities in their life. This is based on their experience that can result from training, education and even talents. It always lies on the particular job undertaken and the credits by which the individual earns from the actions performed over a given definite period. Under these values, not only a single line of position is considered but according to the ability of the worker. Careers vary across a number of professionalism in different line of jobs. The specific area in which an individual majors in their study yields a large percentage of careers existing in the world today. 

Considering a case of myself, I am currently pursuing a degree majoring in Economics. My aspiring future career is to be an economist in the society. In an economy, economists mainly deal in a critical analysis of the various monetary behaviors based on existing financial theories and models. They determine the different price distribution of goods and services and the allocation of resources to individuals in the society. The activities are highly dependent on the data collected through researches conducted and an intense analysis of the information using economic models to determine the results. And again the current position of the economy and most of all the critical issues that need to be focused on in order to improve the economy. This report explains my future career as an economist and determines to identify the social inequalities related to it. My position as an ally is also brought into focus and the ways I would promote social change in the same

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Issues Pertaining To Social Inequality in the Career

Unequal distribution of resources frequently occurs in the economy, due to a number of factors, mainly as from the normal optimality in allocation. The process encompasses a real follow up of people’s different behaviors and diversification. Due to a high experience of opportunities being tampered with across diverse generations, social inequality is considered to be very harmful though may exist as harmless. There is a number of issues pertaining to being an economist in the society and are discussed as per the following;

Any economy in the world, especially in the less developed countries has to deal with issues of poverty in their lifetime. This is one of the major problems faced by the operations of the economists in the affected nations. The effects of deficiency may not necessarily show up in the exact moment but will definitely appear in the near future in their full capacities, after a full social decay in the society. A downward shifting of the economy is likely to be experienced which is self-triggered and impossible to avoid.

Social inequality in the economy has been seen to be developing at a high rate in the recent days as a result of changes relate oppositely. Individuals at a higher level remain economically steady as the lower ones tend to face a downward slopping situation since the economic standards are not fully followed. A business cycle in its social state can never turn to boom juat from social appearance.

Being an Ally to the Groups in the Work Related

Allies are considered as the people in various fields of professionalism in the society that tend to acknowledge existing chances in the economy, which are totally unearned having being acquired from the parsimony’s line of injustice and try to change these positions. It includes the process bringing people together, interacting and having them interact too with the fellow workers and as a result, enabling the society and the economy at large accommodate them. Allies are considered to be highly educated, and possess the ability to understand various situations that may arise in the workplaces as well as the individuals around them. The ally must be ready to advocate for the people and must have identified the skill they possess and most of all the access to it.

As an ally to the economy in my aspiring career, I must have chosen the idea right from within my heart and not a forced decision. This is so to be able to fulfill the duty perfectly and as required. I should be in a position to know what the process actually involves and be concerned fully with my obligations and the responsibilities in the society. Being a male employee for instance, I can therefore be a confederate to a female employee in a specific firm at the designated positions. A person with no disability can also be an assistant to a fellow employee who is in a state of disability. 

In an economy with different line of careers, each individual can become an ally to their fellow workmates in one or another way, having considered different factors in the environment they work in. My field of study will mainly land me as an employee in a corporate firm, as a qualified Economist I would be of great help participating with the fellow workers, providing the support, while aspiring to be advocated too.

As a supporter in the society, I must be with the knowledge of the factors that contributed to my ability in being one, in order to have a clear mind set of performing the duty in my area of professionalism. My social location and background should be defined to me, since all people in the society have specific different cultures with related backgrounds. A definite research on my background should help me understand the type of people I should be working within my duty as an ally.

I should be able to figure out a connection that will be effective in the working environment in relation to the group of people in my association. This calls for a special commitment and ability to enhance my trust to the individuals in the group that I will be in support with.

Ways to Promote Social Change in the Line of Career

Promoting social change involves changing the existing social behavior in the economy in relation to the conducts and nature. The alteration includes features of structural appearance like population change and their direction.

The right of determination in being an ally is a forward step in promoting social change as an economist. An observance of other people’s dignity should be present as they should be allowed to make decisions of their own. This should be done after a complete guidance to avoid wrong decisions.

In my duty as an ally, I would encourage the workers in my environment to be more participative in every issue concerning them and their workmates too since all could be allies to each other in different ways. They would do this through their services, by making sure that their activities allow for empowerment in their decision making.

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