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Thesis Statement

Colonialism is a state where a country’s dwellers are taken to another country by colonialists for them to benefit from that country’s wealth. North America was one of the regions that were greatly affected by colonialism.


The beginning of the European colonization of the North Americans is classically timed to 1492. The Spanish voyage did set off for India to start trade in the region. Later, France, Netherlands and England successfully started on the main programs of colonialism in the North American region in the 16th century. In 18th century, Countless European settlers had come to North America and pushed the pre Colombians out of their land to exploit the numerous resources in region. One of the resources that greatly contributed to immigration was land. They highly desired to have lands of their own in North America since they were fertile and easily available. Additionally, these lands were sold at a cheaper price than in their homeland. They therefore felt that that the region would fully help them fully and expand their economic skills.

These colonialists were also attracted by the freedom of religion that was in that region. Moreover, due to the less government figure in the region. In the region, taxation was less, which attracted colonial investors. Jobs in the region were plentiful and the pay was admirable since labor was scarce. Colonization had a great bang on the native Indians since there was great force for them to leave their own land, their property and people for the invaders. These Spain and France invaders felt that these Indians were too primitive to be in that land hence they treated them in a brutal way. The basic living condition for the pre-Columbians generally declined. They were eventually forced out of their homeland, (Kempf, 2009).

A string of war broke out as the pre-Columbians people struggled for their taken lands but they had lesser weapon and   were a weaker group than the colonialists were. They later planned a war against these Europeans to resist their inhuman acts. War broke in the North America between the British colonialists and the thirteen colonies in North America, (Dowd, 1992).

They came up with new ways of resisting them introduced land declaration policy to irritate the greedy colonialists. They also introduced an act was intended to demand taxes from the colonialists and introduced an exchange act that prohibited them from   handing out their own currency in their land. North America come 1776 they were in full control of most parts of their region. British policies were fought out of the government later and implementation of new government policies in 1788 and in 1791, the region gained its first ten modification of the structure of natural rights. Democracy came in and the pre-Columbian started to develop the region and peacefully settled in their region. 

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