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The police department is one of the most important units in the US justices system. In the law enforcement process, police are the initiators of the process who begins by arresting the law breakers. These individuals are then prosecuted, put in different correction facilities and later realised to the society as better people. However, this law enforcement process have been hindered by some of the problems that police officers faces in the society today. This paper will give responses to the lesson learnt from the analysis of major problems that police encounters in the United States.

Problem of the Police and Community Relations

In all the issues discussed in the class, these problems appeared to be the biggest hindrances to the police operation in the society. What citizen perception are toward the police is very crucial in the determination of how well the police can execute their duties. If the member of the public perceives the work of police negatively, then the police face a lot of challenges when performing their duties. However, a positive recognition of the police work by the member of public makes their operations more efficient.

From the class lesson, it was clear the public has a significant role to play in most duties of policing. They are the one who interact with the law breakers in the society and thus they can provide the needed information in halting criminal operations. There is thus a need for creating a better relationship between police and the community to enhance more security to the people. Additionally, when people perceive police operations as fair and good for the community interest, then they can cooperate with the police, and avoid taking them as enemies. If that happen, the issue of police racial profiling will be eliminated as people will accept police operation without thinking they are targeted for who they are rather than what they have done.

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Over-Legislation of Regulatory Laws

All those rules and laws that are produced by different administrative agencies in the United States are regarded as regulatory laws. It is these laws that the police uses to determine if an individual has either committed some crime or not. However, based on the class teaching, these regulatory laws appear to be too many in the American society thus hindering the proper operations of the police. 

Due to the said over legislation of these laws, police are more likely to encounter more law breakers on their line of duty. The number of these criminals might get out of their control. In that case, they allow some of the minor crime to go unpunished, which means that the law breakers would continue practising the same offence due to lack of punishments. In case they arrest the said criminals, they find it hard to put them all under the prosecution process. As a result, they engage in plea negotiations that lead to the release of the criminals before they complete the whole laws enforcement process. 

Releasing criminals before they are placed in the correction facility is a threat to the police activities. These individual commits the same crime in the future with a hope that it will also be dismissed on a plea negotiation with the police. As a result, a revolving door of justice is created where police keep on arresting the same individual for same reasons with no future improvement. The discussion on this cycle revealed how difficult it is for the police to operate under so many regulatory laws. 

Lastly, I learnt that the excessive regulatory laws also create another problem of constricting police capability. Based on the class discussion, police sometimes fails to arrest some lawbreakers as they are doubtful of some legislations. When the law contradict each other, it make it hard for police to determine adequately who to arrest and who is to be left free. These contradicting laws are also the one that make police be perceived negatively in the society as they appear discriminatory in nature.

To my opinion, excessive regulatory laws seemed to have the major impact on the police operation. The current laws places all police units in a difficult situation in making rational decisions. They are sometimes forced to take actions that appear discriminatory in nature, not because they are discriminating anybody, but because of the contradiction brought about by the current laws. The regulatory laws are so ineffective putting into account that the US have the highest number of prisoners in the world.

Lack of Resources

Another problem observed during the class lesson was the scarcity facilities that police faces when executing their duties. Police as the initiators of the law enforcement process would expect that all the department in the justice system to have the same capability as they do. However, this is not always the case, lack of resources by the other department like the judicial courts and correction facilities harbours the police operations.


In conclusion, the above analysis demonstrates the class understanding on the major problems that police faces in the United States. The community-police relation is one of the major issues that hinders the proper operation of the police duties. Too many regulatory laws are also obstacles to the work of police as they bring unnecessary confusion and unreasonable discrimination in the department. Lastly, lack of facility in other law enforcement department also affects police operations. My final analysis on the issue of major problems that police faces in the United States is that the current regulatory laws need a proper review.

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