This TV series trail lives of some wealthy students who attend the fictional Beverly Hills high school. The show focuses on friends of the same age group when they begin their lives in an adult world after graduation.  From then, demand for people to be entertained has shifted. The gender and intercultural lens examine the culture as history transmitted and socially constructed a model of premises, meanings, rules and symbols within the society. The theories of gender and intercultural lens aim to interpret the delivered messages from female and male, in the particular, cultural and social background. In diverse cultures, similar behavior could be expounded into the diverse analysis by the economic, geographical, cultural and historical difference.

In the same regard, persuasion communication will examine the interpretation of judgment shed by individuals when they discern new ideas by scale level of objection, acceptance, and noncommitment of some form of practical strategy and ideas used on persuasion strategy and persuasion art. This is used on the unbiased audience for igniting imperative positive change of attitude on issued topics and cognitive dissonance derived from negative thoughts. This paper aims to analyze the TV show 90210 using gender, persuasion, and intercultural lens. This presents divergence and convergence that happens in our social life. 

It will also present the differences within the desire of women to get connected with the desire of men for status as demonstrated by Naomi, Anna, and Eric. Also, it presents the communication phenomena by analyzing the persuasion process and converting the attitude of people from 90210 TV show story. Using theories of communication, I will expound on why people are pressed to polarization on how people diminish and points of view under public pressure.

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Communication accommodation theory 

This approach presents that the human beings have the inclination to adjust their behavior when they interact. The reason behind is aimed at controlling the social differences between those who interact. People do accommodate their actions to set a positive image and get approval in front of those they interact with. The environment of communication also affects the behavior of communication. People from diverse cultural background have different conduction style and behavioral pattern based on the aim to survive and social needs. Individual from diverse cultural backgrounds have different conduction techniques and behavior pattern. With the shift of social groups and circumstances, most people adapt their basic patterns based on the aim of survival and social needs the fittest within a particular incident, unconsciously or consciously. In communication accommodation theory, we have divergence that is a strategy in the communication of accentuating diverse between people by intensifying and insisting personal individualism may be for personal identity and pride.

Communication accommodation is a theory in communication which stress modification that individual does when they communicate. Giles, a communication professor at California University, developed the theory asserts that this approach prevails people try to reduce or stress the social differences in other people. The factors that result in accommodation theory are adjustment can be applicable in TV show 90210 through gestures and verbal communication. This theory developed from theory of change which presents the concepts of psychology to comprehend speech dynamics.

We can see Anna buying luxury boots with the funds of emergency. Anna is a newcomer in Beverly high school, and she is from Texas. She is eager to get the luxury to fit in new situations after meeting a rich girl Naomi. The two girls swap being enemies, friends, almost sisters and in a love triangle as a result of their parent's child. Their individual moms are entangled in a love triangle after Charles Clark Marries Tracy implodes. In essence, Naomi does not take this well. Naomi appears to desire to Harry. Both Ann and Naomi fights where she, Naomi, forces her from the crowd after she starts many acts of revenge and manipulation plots when she take hold of Annie's boyfriend from Kansas. Consequently, she uses this as a weapon to attack her for hiding her relationship with Ethan.

Naomi becomes friends with some girls and flirts with Ozzie. Ozzie is an alternate student. She later becomes interested in Liam, the bartender whom she come to know later that they are of the same age. From this, we can see that the reason behind is aimed at controlling the social differences between those who interact. At the same time, Annie and Ethan's relationship end as he starts to rethink after there was an accident and gets less or more attracted to Rhonda, the girl who was hit. Naomi found that was she thought that Annie was with Liam. This concludes in a primary fight between Naomi and Annie. Annie is shunned by the peers, gets in the car, runs away and run over a man. Consequently, it is an efficient, method to terminate the season and present plot twist seeing that Ann is unsure of whether the man survived or not.

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In this series Naomi and Ann has a certain way of speaking to their age group. Ann, for instance, buys expensive boots tin that she can interact and communicate with her age group. It is clear that the interaction between them present the vocal patterns, gestures, and speech. Annie is shunned by the peers, gets in the car, runs away and run over a man. From accommodation theory, there are reasons why her peers do this. This is aimed to communicate in a similar way to other peers or communicate in an accentuated way. In this instance, we can see that Anna and her peers are entangled in a context where she feels to be part or fit in this group. She tries to be different than this group to preserve a positive identity. The differences between Ann and Naomi present the communication accommodation theory. Through convergence, we can see Anna trying to change her speech styles in that she becomes similar to those she is interacting with. She buys expensive boots using emergency fund. She tries to change her behavior in that she becomes different from the rest of the peers.

Divergence is another theory of accommodation strategy which accentuates the difference between a person with the others. Difference people use divergence since they need to emphasize their hierarchical or moral superiority over the others. Their communication blueprint refers to them as not cooperative and aggressive. Anna attends Beverly school with classmates. Jasper blackmails Annie in that they can stay together but later, she finally ends with him. Jasper true to commit suicide and when he is taken to the hospital, he tells Anna she presents to Ann that she will keep the hit and run secrets. Naomi admits her interest to Liam and their relationship becomes stable. When Naomi comes clean of the allegation towards Mr. Canon, Liam breaks from her. At this point in time, Liam and Anna become closer. Liam consoles Ann after he overhears her mother confessing to Harry, Anna's father that she kissed the yoga instructor. Anna is made to believe that Liam if flirting with her but after she realizes that it was not the case, she advises him to stay with Naomi since she does not want to ruin their relationship. Naomi is distracted by her sister's pregnancy where she later realizes that Ryan was the baby's father.

Maintenance is another strategy under accommodation theory that is similar to divergence. It refers to persisting one original style of communication irrespective of communication behavior. Under accommodation theory, it is often perceived as unconstructive. Anna persists her unique style of maintaining when she re-establishes her friendship with Silver, Naomi, and Adrianna. She later realizes that Jasper is stalking her. She is frustrated but cannot tell anyone about what is going on.

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Social judgment theory

The social communication evaluates directed judgment by individual when they get to know the new ideas by three elements; range of noncommitment, the range of rejection over new ideas and range of acceptance towards new ideas. The amalgam presented by these elements can be applicable in this 90210 TV show. It expounds on how individual concerns about particular topics that could be can be explained as diverse rejection. The individual are concerned about a certain topic as a pressing issue in their lives. Two error judgments also happen; the published text is in an array of rejection, people might hinder the ideology of the topic in a negative way. People have same judgment but regarding two varying levels of acceptance, they might include their judgment to same acceptance range.

This theory can be applicable in the movie series to explain the way audience process the messages. Comparison between decision and existing beliefs to reject and accept the made information is made. The commencement of judgment theory is traced to initial experiments on persuasion and attitude in social psychology. However, it was given first its work foundation with the work of Hovland and sheriff in ’61.

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The social judgment theory by illustrating the conflict between Anna and her mother from 90210 TV show. Her mom and Anna have been conflicting on her affair with Ann's teacher. Consequently, Ann could not have a good conversation with her mother, thus, they ended up quarreling. Anna is convinced to substitute her mother with an infecund lady where the mother came to know later. She tries to persuade Anna from replacing a baby fro another person since she believes that at her young age, Ann could not handle such a complex condition.

Better stills, Anna has not realized the importance of carrying a life. She rejects the mother's advice directly since she thinks that her Mother is a home-stayed woman having an affair with a person of her father. She would not have the prerequisite to comprehending the action of carrying a child to other individuals. Her mother tries to persuade, her and she erroneously incorporates her acceptance latitude of substitute with an infecund woman who is rather middle age. Further, she rejects her mother's word and thus furthers rejection. She tries to hide the hit and run scenario by avoiding everyone including her parents after they move to a new house. 

The social judgment theory asserts that people try to accommodate the outcome of their behavior. Critics argue that for depicting individuals as instrumental, individualistic and emotionally vacuous in creating their decisions based on the relationship while not emphasizing on the complex emotional and social compelling factors that influence the choices. This theory can be improved by considering the interplay between reason and passion that people experience in judging the alternatives to measure benefits and costs.

After Anna realizes that her mom had an affair with another person besides her father, she is angry, and this brings the conflict. The basic introduction of the alternatives is sufficient for her to gauge her relationship with her mother against an infecund woman. From rigorously objective of weighing the two options at hand, looking at the cons and pros of each it would seem that infecund woman is an attractive choice.

Cognitive dissonance theory

Cognitive dissonance theory scrutinizes the reason individuals avoid contrasting viewpoints when they are exposed to opinions or knowledge they never knew before, the way they seek a guarantee from making an important verdict. In the same regard, how individuals are persuaded to behave over their diverse incentives by belief. Regarding the cognitive theory, there is a propensity for people to inquire consistency among cognitions such as opinions and beliefs. Where there are dissonance or attitudes, there must be a change to remove the dissonance. When there is discrepancy between behavior and attitudes, it is most feasible that there will be a change in attitude to contain their behavior.

There are two factors affecting dissonance strength: the significance attached to every belief, and various differing beliefs. Three ways exist to reduce dissonance, add more similar views and change the beliefs of dissonance in that inconsistency is reduced. Dissonance happens at many times where a person should choose between two inconsistent actions and beliefs. The extreme dissonance is formed when there are two equally attractive alternatives. Also, the attitude may change in the direction of fewer incentives since these amount to little dissonance. In this regard, the theory of dissonance contradicts most of the behavioral approaches that would forecast massive change of attitude with increased incentives.

This theory of dissonance is applicable through illustration of the scene between Teddy and Silver from 90210 TV show. Teddy is a homosexual, and all along he has understood his sexual orientation. The social pressure from family and personal prestige and school, he proposes to Silver on a public school channel. He reduces his identity when he denies his sexual orientation and thus offers to Silver for sufficient enticement. The scene presents how cognitive dissonance happens when people are pressured from matching collective behaviors and attitudes. Previously, Teddy pursues Silver and shares a kiss on the rooftop of the school. He further asks her to dance with him where she refuses. Silver storms off but admits to Naomi that she felt him when they kissed. Before she tells Teddy that she needs to give a shot, she sees Teddy hugging another girl who happened to be Teddy's sister. Dixon claims to be feeling Silver after lying to her that she never knew who the girl hugged girl was. Teddy tussles with his sexuality after he mistakenly slept with a guy, Ian. Silver breaks up with him after she realizes that Teddy had discouraging behavior. This behavior aims to scrutinize the reason individuals avoid contrasting viewpoints when they are exposed to opinions or knowledge they never knew before.

Teddy feels insecure by being gay that presents dissonance. There has been a continuous struggle of being gay and his feelings with Ian. Dissonance happens at many times where a person should choose between two inconsistent actions and beliefs. After Teddy becomes blackmailed and with some motivation by his friends, come out to his friend. Later, he discovers that Ian had blackmailed him and broke up with him. Still trying to recuperate from his breakup with Ian, he meets Marco, a new guy and they begin dating. Silver and Teddy at the dance, Silver and Teddy share a kiss. Silver later storms off but admit then that she felt something when they kissed.

Cognitive dissonance asserts that people are pressured to present harmonious relations among behaviors and attitudes and try to avoid the consistencies. Since dissonance occurs in between Teddy and Silver case, it is presumed to be unpleasant. As a result, they work that it is not experienced in some way. In this scenario, the cognitive dissonance is not brought about inconsistency perception among cognitions but through the perception of having brought irrevocable and aversive event. The process of conflict starts with the social performance whose effect is judged to be mean disposition. Therefore, the behavior creates and event that would not have occurred.

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People from diverse classes live in various cultures. Thus, the way we behave, talk and perceive are very different. In 90210, the accommodation behavior through accommodation theory is dominant but restricted to the way lower class people converge with the higher class people and more senior class diverge with lower class people. Through analyzing the communication behavior of Anna and Naomi through accommodation, theory gives the insight to comprehend their desire and fears. The choice made to diverge or converge from which class and to whom are massively determined by the unique experience of each person and their personality. Also, this analysis can lead to a self-examination of the accommodation behavior and circumvent the mistakes the characters make in daily lives. Even for a perfect family, applying communication theories to 90210 TV series we can understand the concept of dissonance, communication accommodation and social judgment theory.

Accommodation theory asserts that human beings have the inclination to adjust their behavior when they interact. People from different cultures have different behavioral patterns. Ann bought expensive boots with emergency funds. The social judgment theory presents the conflict between a mother and a daughter. Anna has been conflicting on her affair with Ann’s teacher. Thus, they cannot communicate well; she has not yet realized the significance of carrying life and that is why she prefers another woman infecund woman. The fundamental introduction of the alternatives is sufficient for her to gauge her relationship with her mother against an infecund lady. 

Weighing the two options at hand, looking at the cons and pros of each it would seem that infecund woman is an attractive choice. Finally, the cognitive dissonance theory scrutinizes the reason individuals avoid contrasting viewpoints when they are exposed to opinions or knowledge they never knew before. Teddy is gay, and all along he has understood his sexual orientation. However, he reduces his identity when he denies his sexual orientation. This shows how cognitive dissonance happens when people are pressured from matching social behaviors and attitudes.

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