Despite all the benefits that are associated with studying aboard, it has been found that the same is also coupled with serious challenges. The student authors are faced with the worst challenges. This paper discusses the key challenges that the author's students face when they are studying abroad. 

Direct and indirect

These are some of the most eminent problems that face international student authors. Directness means that the argument that the authors should be making should have some logic and some clarity. This means that the argument should use simple words that are direct, and they will enable the reader to understand the intended meaning of the author with ease. On the other hand, indirectness means that the author uses too many words that are not clear, in an attempt to explain his point. In this case, the author is likely to use too many introduction paragraphs and thus leading to a serious disconnect between one paragraph and another.

The same makes the logical flow of information difficult, and it is likely that the intended reader may not understand the intention of the author. There is no clarity, and it is not easy to connect between the various points that the author is trying to make. The international student’s authors are seriously affected by this issue. The problem may arise especially when the author may not have done adequate research on the topic that he is studying. This indicates that he will not have understood the topic that he is studying better. It becomes so hard for the author to make a sound and clear argument when he does not have clear knowledge on the topic at hand. The author may not be familiar with writing using a foreign language. 

The author may use too many irrelevant words that distort the clarity of the topic. Some students may have a perception that their direct thoughts should not appear in their writing too fast. As a student, they are forced to use too many words, and they fail to deliver the intended meaning. The Chinese students are more likely to face this challenge because they always experience a problem in stating what they think. 

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Lose face

In some countries like China, losing face is seen as a very bad thing. This means that an individual has lost the honor or the respect that he had been accorded. Maintaining the face is such a hard task since one must do all he can to prevent any form of embarrassment. The parents and the relatives expect someone to maintain the face. They have a lot of anticipation that their children will make them proud of living and acting as per their expectations. For example, a son must do all he can to make his parents proud. When someone fails to meet the face, he may not gain the same favor from parents and relatives. However, this is different in some countries like America. Americans place a lot of emphasis on the ability of an individual; they did not base the face. 

They mainly judge a person’s by the ability of what he can do. When an individual proves that he has the ability, then the issues of the face become insignificant. International students face this challenge. They are expected to maintain a face so that they can please their parents and relatives. 

On the other hand, they are also expected to demonstrate their ability that they can perform as per the expectations. While this issue of sensitive is dependent on the situation at hand, it is still an issue that is affecting international students. As a student who has trained in the Asian and Chinese literature and I have entered into a translation career, these are some of the things that I find challenging in my discourse. I have always had serious problems with the above concepts. I’m sure that my case is not an isolated one. There are many other international students who are still facing the same problem. The same words may not have the same meaning and one always face challenges as he tries to understand the concepts. The most unfortunate things are that these words have a different meaning from what the individual may perceive them. 

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Despite they attempt to flush out discrimination it has been noted that discrimination is still a serious problem that is still in existence until today. Discrimination does not only affect international students but the locals are also affected by the problem. In the university, the students face serious discrimination by their color, race or even by what they know and their experience. International students are the worst hit by the challenge of discrimination. 

They are likely to face all the types of discrimination described above. Discrimination is a serious problem that hinders the ability of an individual to explore all opportunities. It also affects international students psychologically, and many of them are stressed. This makes their stay in international countries stressful. They cannot enjoy school life since they are faced with discrimination from all corners. The problem is likely to be worse especially when the student does not have any other companion who is an international student. 

Most amazingly, the developed countries are also experiencing discrimination. While one would expect that discrimination is a thing for undeveloped nations, it is no longer the case. The discrimination that occurs in the institutions can be classified hierarchal.

This indicates that some factors that an individual may possess place them at a high risk of facing discrimination than other factors. For example, individuals who are obese will face a different form of discrimination than other people who are of a different race. Based on the above example, it is eminent that discrimination is a serious challenge that may affect international students. There is no single form of discrimination that is good. Any discrimination always results in a negative impact on the side of the victim.


International students face a lot of problems as they pursue their education abroad due to the culture crash and other factors. Some of the problems that they face include the face that they are supposed to do their best to meet the expectations of their parents. On the other hand, they also face directness and indirectness. They may find problems in explaining some concepts because since they may not understand the language well. Additionally, they also face serious discrimination, and this affects them negatively. However, despite all these challenges, one should not give up his quest for education abroad. There are many other benefits that arise from studying abroad. Solutions to these problems should be addressed.

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