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There is no more precious thing for people than health is. One cannot buy health; therefore it is one of the most important things for people in their life.  It is evident, that psychological condition of a human interacts with human’s health. High spirits depend on healthy body. If a person has problems of psychological character, organism of this person will not function properly too. It is important for all people to stay in sound psychological condition.

Workplaces play a great role in psychological health of people. They spend most of their time there, so it is important that employers provide their employees with qualitative working conditions. Psychology of health in the workplace depends on different factors, but all these factors should be included while one searches for a workplace.

First of all, there must be a psychologist on any workplace. Psychological health of the workers must be checked from time to time with the help of surveys, tests and questionnaires. The workers must have an opportunity to address a skilled expert at any time. Qualified help must be given to those who need it. Though, such treatments should maintain confidential character.

People lend themselves to a variety of stresses, especially when their position demands leadership and responsibility for others. The performance of employees depends directly on the atmosphere in the collective. If the relationships between workers are tensed, people will not be able to do their work in a proper way. Moreover, they will not be willing to come to their workplaces every day and will hate their work. Vice versa, if the relationships between workers are good, then positive and profitable results for the organization or the company will be achieved. People will love their work and will do it diligently.

Speaking about stresses people lend themselves to, it must be mentioned that reasonable and sparring working time must be established. This concerns not only the hours of working per day, but also touches the planning of workers’ vacations. That is why employers must establish such conditions for the vacations, which will be able to provide workers with sufficient time for resting. Moreover, there must be reasonable conditions for those who are on the sick leave.

Lifestyle choices affect psychological health of people too. Lifestyle is a set of attitudes, possessions and habits which are practiced by a person throughout his or her life. The way people live their lives makes them be what they are. Food and drinks that people consume are responsible for their health. Unhealthy food and alcohol bring nothing but problems in human’s life, especially ones that are connected with health. Physical loadings that they experience also concern this. Some employers provide their workers with gym memberships to enhance employees’ health (Cynkar, 2007). Such issues as how much time people sleep and are they smokers or not directly affect people’s psychological health. It is important to have enough sleep to enhance progress in the workplace. Smoking provokes aggression and interrupts the working process. Therefore, people must be aware of what lifestyle they choose in order to avoid both physical and psychological problems with health.

Enhancing health and preventing illness is not as difficult as it seems. It is worth reconsidering one’s lifestyle choice. There is a journal called Health Psychology. This journal contains articles about enhancing health and preventing illnesses and is published by American Psychological Association. People should read this journal and others of this type existing in order to be aware of how they can improve their life. Eating healthy food, avoiding alcohol and sodas, quitting smoking, enough sleep, physical exercises and enough rest will definitely help people to stay healthy both physically and psychologically and to contribute into progress in the workplace. 

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