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The current paper examines the essence of one of the most famous exhibitions in Singapore - The President’s Young Talents. The paper has a form of the report including an overview, a critical discussion of the exhibits, a framework used for evaluation, effectiveness, and recommendations summing up the discussion. First, the readers get in touch with an overall description of the exhibition and its principles including rewards and roles of every artists in participation. Secondly, the reader understand the direct influence of the exhibition on the audience with the diversity of the presented works. A framework for evaluation clarifies efficiency of the exhibition with its strong and weak points. Finally, the last two parts reveal effectiveness of the exhibition and a myriad of improvements, which managers should consider in order to create an improved model to show Singapore and its visitors the most recent tendencies in the development of art. 


Recognition of the contemporary art is one of the most valuable parts of preserving cultural heritage to future generations. The President’s Young Talents (PYT), which takes place in Singapore Art Museum, is an exhibition presenting works of the talented artists willing to make their input in the development of art. Everyone can take his time and visit an exhibition starting from Aug 21 to Mar 27. In other words, the President’s Young Talents is a form of the award, which recognizes contributions of the contemporary artists in Singapore and motivates them to collaborate in order to create new flows and tendencies in art. This year young artists will get their rewards for outstanding contributions to the evolution of art on Oct 21. An exhibition taking place for more than half a year welcomes its visitors to plunge in the atmosphere of unknown tendencies of art creating a mysterious scent of the future. PYT is a remarkable showcase reflecting the essence of the modern art spread in Singapore. Attendance of the exhibition helped to feel the scent of the slightest tendencies taking place in the evolution of art. Such artists as Loo Zihan, Ang Song Ming, Ezzam Rahman and many others created an atmosphere of the futuristic and unusual pieces of masterpiece welcoming the audience to join the new age of art. It is interesting to mention that each visitor had a chance to make his own perception of the works presented at the exhibition. PYT not only relates to the tendencies of the contemporary art, but also remembers the history of art with respect. For example, robots playing chess can become a serious matter for discussion. On the one hand, it reflects an ability of robots to think and perform equal to human. On the other hand, it reveals an ability to perform independently from human. The diversity of ideas starts circulating in the minds of visitors attending an exhibition. In general, PYT allows artists to collaborate, share their ideas, and review their principles of creating works of art. Cooperation is one of the principles of the exhibition, which allows creating new pieces of art impressing thousands of art lovers. 

Art is a unique way to contact the target audience and remind them of the problems harming the surrounding world. Many young artists strive to drive attention of every visitor to the need of making a change in the diversity of areas. For example, PYT is a place, where artists try to emphasize the need to prevent ecological problems. An exhibition, which is currently taking place in the museum of art, became an opportunity for Ong Kian Peng to present his work titled “Too Far, Too Near”. It is a multimedia work of art putting the audience in the atmosphere, in which everyone can observe the process of melting icebergs. Each detail matters in the multimedia work of art, which Ong Kian Peng managed to reveal with its essence. He supported his presentation with full sensation of the cracking iceberg. 

The diversity of other works touch upon such areas of human interests as music, technologies, innovations, nature, culture, and a wide range of other aspects. In general, PYT is an impressive exhibition, which encourages its visitors to devour one piece of art after another. It is impossible to leave an exhibition without a feeling that the world is far more than working, studying or travelling. In addition, an exhibition encourages paying attention to the world’s development and participating in its improvement. PYT’s message is to remind people that there is a need to see beyond the borders of human activity and strive to be a part of the evolutional processes taking place in all spheres of life. However, it is necessary to visit an exhibition for several times in order to understand the message of each artist put in the works.   

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Evaluation Criteria

In order to have a complex image of the exhibition and see the essence of its concepts, it was decided to choose the Serrell’s framework for the assessment. A framework includes several parts, which help to generate a wide range of thesis statements during a visit, which further transform in a comprehensive evaluation of the exhibition. PYT is an appropriate object for evaluation as long as it is one of the most famous exhibitions supporting young artists. The following framework outlines some aspects of PYT, which require paying a special attention. 

First, it is necessary to start from evaluating PYT according to the criteria of comfort, engagement, reinforcement, and meaningfulness. From the point of comfort, it is possible to feel no stress and tension from both physical and psychological aspects of human mind. It is easy to orient in rooms with the help of brochure guiding visitors and providing them with brief information on the participants and the committee. Visitors are free to choose their activity in terms of the PYT brochure providing with the map and necessary information. Temperature, lights, and sound levels did not cross the comfort zone. Visitors who are getting tired from walking can have some rest in the special areas and attend a bathroom. In addition, a building has two types of lifts. One lift is for people with special needs who can ask personnel to help with transportation to the necessary floor. An exhibition welcomes not only people with disabilities, but also people with different occupations from all age categories. Children, pupils, and students are also free to attend PYT. In addition, PYT welcomes foreigners and anyone willing to get in touch with the newest tendencies of art in Singapore. There is enough space for all visitors and everyone can observe works of art without crowding. Visitors feel free to go from one room to another and spend as much time as they want examining masterpieces. 

From the point of engagement, it is important to mention that environment of the exhibition encourages to explore and find out everything about artists and products of their hard work. Minimalism accentuates details and niceties of each work of art supporting the style and peculiarities of artists willing to bring their message to the audience. Visitors had much pleasure discussing the exhibition with its works looking for each other’s point of view. Experiences of artists came in the diversity of representations starting from audio, video and other media content. With the help of sight, touch, motion, and sound, every visitor could feel works of art and see the way artists created them. The whole exhibition gripped my attention and motivated me to stop and spend as much time as needed to see construction of the presented works. It was easy to notice that all visitors had their attention gripped and were interested in moving from one exhibit to another. 

From the point of reinforcement, PYT is an appropriate place for people with different occupations and a myriad of interests. It is a highly respectable exhibition proving society that technological progress or alarming changes in climate can have a reflection by means of art and creative state of mind. However, it is hard to state that PYT was complementary and created a connection between works. It is more likely to mention that artists expressed their thoughts on the topics they wanted to put visitors’ attention. 

Finally, PYT is a highly meaningful object to be assessed. It is hard to leave each room without understanding the meaning of each work of art. Each work holds personal attitude of the artist to the selected theme, problem, or concept. Visitors can relate to the exhibits according to their attitude towards technologies, ecological problems, or other themes presented within the framework of PYT. The demonstration of works puts emphasis on the leading topic without distracting visitors with noise or other inappropriate distractions. However, it is possible to claim that in the future it will be more important for PYT to extend the focus on global issues and encourage artists to express their vision of the contemporary problems worrying minds of millions of people. Finally, it is possible to mention that the exhibition is an effective opportunity for visitors to see things in different light and change their mind. For example, an exhibit of the melting iceberg is an alarming warning that there is a strong need to change routine habits destroying the planet’s climate and natural temperature. 


An overall impression of the exhibition helps to outline the main strengths and weaknesses, which each visitor can see during observation of the newest pieces of art. As long as an exhibition includes works of artists below 35 years old, it is possible to see the penetration of fresh ideas and new concepts in the evolution of art. First, it is necessary to start from the strong points of the exhibition, which deserve to have a special emphasis. An exhibition is a pure reflection of the diversity of approaches to the repulse of a mixture of interests and visions of artists. There are no boundaries in art – this is one of the leading postulates of PYT, which proves that artists are free to express their works. In addition, it is a good idea to make a connection between exhibition and awards, which helps to recognize young talents and their efforts to penetrate the segment of art with new unusual and unexpected ideas. Awards lead to the encouragement of artists to continue their journey towards success and rise of the recognition all over the world. In addition, one of the strongest points of the exhibition is that leads to the cooperation of artists, mutual support, and creation of new masterpieces. Organization of the exhibition is on its highest level, which finds its proof in a consistent combination of works of art. Moreover, regardless of the size of the masterpiece, visitors can enjoy its beauty and concept. While some works occupy only a part of the room’s corner, others fill the whole room. Lights, space, and organized approach helped to see works clearly.

Attendance of the exhibition helped to see that works of art attract attention of many people. The message of each artist is both simple and complex at the same time. It is impossible to leave an exhibition without thinking about the diversity of motivating thoughts. It is a strong point, which encourages attending an exhibition for several times in order to find something new in the observed works. All strong points formulate an overall image of the exhibition, which puts young minds as key points of the preservation of the cultural heritage. Each piece of art has its special meaning. 

Further, there is a need to turn to weak points of the exhibition, which require minor revision in order to make some improvements. First, there is a little emphasis on the problems of the humanity including ecological and social problems. It would be appropriate to make a section focusing on the humanity with its problems in general. Secondly, there is need to make a revision of some rooms in order to add more lights, which will help to reveal the beauty and the meaning of the piece of art from different points of view. In general, there are not many weak points, which prove that an exhibition is effective enough to impress the target audience and present masterpieces in the most appropriate way. The following part of the report reveals some recommendations, which can be helpful in the improvement of the exhibition. 


The report opened the essence of the exhibition including its weak and strong points. Based on the critical evaluation of the exhibition’s message and principles of its design, it is possible to make the following conclusions and include some recommendations. First, it is necessary to make a reward day at the end of the exhibition. Visitors should also have their right to vote for their favorite artists. A curatorial committee should not neglect opinions of the audience giving preference to some artists. However, it is necessary to make forms, which visitors will be able to fill in order to make their conclusions and support their choice with enough reasoning. In addition, each visitor should have an opportunity to express his opinion on the specific improvements, which PYT should consider in order to hold the next exhibition. Moreover, visitors can express their desire to see thematic works or see new masterpieces of some artists. PYT should learn how to listen to the society and lead to the cooperation between society and artists working on inspiring it to improve and change. A committee should also pay attention to the experience of each artist and frequency of creating meaningful works of art. Those artists, putting more contribution to the development of art, should have a special reward for their input in both local and global evolution. In addition, it is necessary to make rewards a public occasion, which will not only help each visitor to see results, but also will be a perfect opportunity for visitors to ask artists any questions. Such conversations and public events unite society and artists working to impress society. Moreover, exchange of ideas with the audience is an ability for artists to learn about opinions of visitors and feel their attitude to the messages reflected in the works of art. Finally, all these improvements will lead to the respect of both artist’s efforts and social opinion. As a result, a balanced design of the exhibition will satisfy interests of the strict committee, artists willing to get a recognition, and visitors seeking for inspiration and truth in the works of young and talented minds. 

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