To begin with, archery and algebra are quite similar to each other. “Just as advanced systems of mathematics rely on the basic rules of algebra to complete their high-level calculations, your archery form must rely on the proper use of your body’s core, your spine to complete the shot” (Stevenson 30). It is evident that it is impossible without the use of some pieces of knowledge in algebra. A professional sportsman can not calculate such basic notions as the distance the sportsman's core should bent in order to be accurate in his/her shooting. For the purpose of understanding it, it is necessary to calculate the distance between the sportsman and the target, as well as the distance between the arrow and the target. This information is more than important for the sportsman as the accurateness of his/her shot is dependent on it. If an archer can not calculate the level of his body’s decline, he/she can not succeed in this kind of sport.

Furthermore, the process of shooting in archery is known to be some precise movements that should be performed in a set order. It is of common knowledge that these movements can not be concise without proper calculations. If the sportsman’s awareness in algebra is quite low, he/she can not make his/her shots precise. What is more, the vast majority of people who are busy with training in such kind of sport are known to have not only a sharp eye but also a high level of intellectual knowledge, and both algebra and physics is one of these aspects of knowledge.

Another issue which should be taken into account by a sportsman is the diameter of the target which is needed to be shot. “The diameter of a standard archery target used in the Olympics is 48,8 inches” (Tussy, Gustafson16). One of the principal algebraic calculations which should be performed by sportsmen is the “area of the target” (Tussy, Gustafson, 16). The shooting in this square can provide a positive result of a sportsman whereas the shooting in one of the rings is of paramount importance as it defines the score of the sportsman.

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Moreover, the diameter of all rings in the target is important to be known by the sportsman. As a rule, the diameter of a yellow ring is 4,8 inches, and a sportsman should not only calculate the diameters of all other rings but also find the areas of all of them. If his/her calculations are correct, the shot promises to be accurate. Furthermore, if an archer makes a mistake in his calculations, his shot can not help being a failure as, in such kind of sport as archery, a precise shot is highly dependable on the laws of physics as well as algebraic formulas.

The area of the target as well as the one of all rings is not the only issue which should be calculated. Another one is the score. In order to calculate it, it is noteworthy to know the distance between the sportsman and the target and to assume “the angle of depression from the line of sight connecting the arrowhead to the bulls eye” (Young 534). When the angle of depression is known for the sportsman, he/she is able to understand the exact direction of the arrow, its pathway, and, eventually, that very point which the arrow is going to shoot. If the calculation of the sportsman demonstrates that the score can not be high in that or another case, he /she can make his/her mind to change the position of the bow and, in this way, it is easier for the sportsman to choose that very position which can give him/her the highest result.

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As a rule, such kind of calculations can be divided into three stages:

  1. to take into account the height where the arrow is situated;
  2. to make an equation;
  3. to “factor the right side of this equation” (McKeague 302);
  4. to calculate various heights of the arrow “using the factored form of this equation” (Mc Keague 302).

On the other hand, algebra is one of those branches of science which is used not only for gaining positive results of the sportsmen as well as breaking one’s world records, as algebra is one of the inevitable parts of the financial side of not only archery but also any kind of sport. Algebra is used in making the correct calculations in such significant issues as the financial support of the sportsmen, the sums of money which must be paid for the sports equipment as well as some other economic aspects.  

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In conclusion, it is noteworthy to admit that algebra can be used in two aspects: in the aspect of the sport achievements and financial one. The first aspect is highly dependable on the sportsmen and their awareness in algebra and physics. First of all, they should know the principal formulas which are necessary to calculate that or another value as well as the values which are needed to be calculated.

The economic aspect is also significant, and algebra is one of those sciences which help to promote sportsmen and to give an added gloss to the sport achievements. Any mistakes in these calculations can lead to an abundance of negative consequences which can provoke some problems which, in their turn, can be very difficult to solve.


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