Advantages and disadvantages

Numerous individuals ride bicycle for several diverse reasons. It usually has a lot of benefits particularly for the human body. Bicycle transportation is open to persons of all ages as it does not require a permit. For the body, cycling can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy body as it is a form of exercise. It also tends to relieve stress from an individual as it creates a relaxed feeling and makes one feel energized. 

Furthermore, this use of transportation helps in alleviating the traffic jams that are usually prevalent in cities. This is because they take up less space and one can traverse from one point of the city to another without any problems. Bicycle use can also be eco-friendly to the town as it does not use any form of fuel. Additionally, there are no exhausts fumes emitted that can lead to the depletion of the ozone layer. 

Despite being beneficial, bicycle transportation tends to have several demerits. Statistically, its usage in cities like Dubai is usually regarded as being more dangerous compared to car transportation. The above is because bicycles create huge risk to the person in case of accidents. Most of the time, cyclists are knocked down by vehicles that are over speeding. 

Also, bicycle transportation can be extremely hectic due to careless drivers. Most motorists do not appreciate cyclists being in the town. As a result, they do not respect the cyclist and most of the times do not give them the right of way. The UAE is among the cities that have the greatest number of businessmen in the world. Since the bicycle cannot provide protection in instances of rain or muddy roads, most entrepreneurs cannot be able to use the bikes.

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Bicycle transportation in the UAE

More than 150km of cycling paths have been constructed to encourage bicycle transportation as leisure. In Dubai, however, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) ended up banning cyclers from roads that had speed limits exceeding 60 kilometers per hour. The agency promised to deliver about 900km of bicycle paths by the year 2020. The bicycle tracks will be implemented with community pathways that are associated with parks beaches, neighborhood malls, and metro stations. Cycling can be used to link towns like Al Barsha and Jumeirah neighborhoods to public transport units and stores. The construction of the bicycle lanes along tram routes in Al Sufouh can be beneficial to ease congestion. 

Dubai has been experiencing problems with cyclists who do not follow the rules. As a result, it has had to deal with numerous fatalities related to bicycle accidents. Therefore, it can start the safe riding campaigns to be organized in the communities that tend to be linked to the bicycle paths to the malls so as to motivate motorists and riders to follow the basic road safety standards. The measures include strapping on night lights, wearing helmets, slow driving of cars in the community regions. Also, being able to stay clear of the bicycle paths are among the safety measures needed. 

When the cities end up growing and becoming cyclist-friendly, they will bring numerous positive results. The built paths can offer the facilities and infrastructure needed to practice safe bicycle transportation. Additionally, the compulsory wearing of a helmet can assist in creating a safe environment. The RTA can improve by constructing as many as 2,000 parking spaces for the bicycles for the Dubai Metro users to motivate them to cycle to work. The above would also reassure a sustainable and integrated transport system. 

Endorsing bicycle transportation can be one of the objectives of RTA since it will assist in easing the heavy usage of cars and therefore, minimizing environmental pollution. Transportation was introduced in the city through the Bicycle Master Plan, which was to include all the regions of Dubai and could be implemented in stages depending on specific criteria. The conditions might involve locations of activity centers, population density, and access to the metro and additional public transport stations with the safety requirements. The parking spaces for the cyclers could indeed be located at diverse stations along the Red Line.

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Improved transportation is beneficial as it enables the possibility of faster operations. It reduces congestion and traffic jams which usually cause delays. Bicycle transportation is a sustainable carriage, which can be best described as a system that enables the basic development requirements to be met in a safe way.


The possible gains of bicycle transportation are enormous. The bicycle tends to be the most basic and cheap means of transport that an average individual can consider when traversing through short distances. It can also be a faster means of transport in situations where the car cannot be of convenience such as the traffic jam.  It also inclines to deliver all that the light bulbs, reusable grocery bags, recycling, and electric cars have been known to offer. The bicycle provides one with the power to change their lives and make satisfying, real, measurable transformations in the communities without waiting for anything else or anyone to lead the way.

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