Moreover, some of such citizens adapt and become symbols of media culture representing their race and leading to certain positive or negative associations. Currently, one of the races, which had a significant impact on the media and life space of Americans, is Asians. It is typical for any city in the US to have Asian Americans, which in their turn, are willing to be the part of the country and serve it. Likewise, Asian Americans do not just live in the country but transform the community and the media space. Apparently, one of such transformational aspects is Asian transnationalism, which caused the transformation of the national values addressing the ethnical self-identification of the citizens. Moreover, current Asian Americans tend to create their own civil initiatives, which transform the society in a certain way. Partially, these initiatives are the result of former social pressure and discrimination, which switched from opposition into influence due to modern mass communication and media space. Therefore, Asian Americans tend to create and spread ideas of transnationalism, which make them significant people in the history of the nation. Consequently, some Asian Americans demonstrate creativity and inventiveness when creating their individual media images. Freddie Wong and Jackie Chan’s activity as actors shows that they transform traditional media sources into creative ones addressing the issue of multiculturalism and monoracial identity. In their artworks, these celebrities address various representations of Asians in the American community. Thus, the images of brave and adventurous Asian American men played by Wong and Chan, introduce the concept of transnationalism in the American media space. 

Asian American transnationalism

The are numerous aspects, which can describe the social and cultural phenomenon of Asian American Transnationalism as well as its special place in the American culture. Thus, one may state that they are not just migrants of the county but people, which devoted a significant amount of time bettering the economy of the country. At the same time, their way of social recognition was hard and involved numerous problematic cases.

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In this perspective, Hsu indicates that Asians played multiple roles when defining and enforcing the boundaries of the country. Additionally, they symbolically defined racial and cultural borders but developed the ability for a binary perception of both cultures. Thus, Hsu indicates that “they do not fit into America’s nation building prerogatives, and because their communities and circles of activity are so often construed as national threats, Asian Americans faced discrimination”. At the same time, there are different supporters of Asian communities, which claim that nationalism is a plague and would lead to problems for the nation. Moreover, they indicate that translationally constituted communities leave the pressure of discrimination assuming that they have a possibility for the enhancement of the community where they live. In this respect, it is evident that timely characteristics stay at the background whereas the usefulness of Asian Americans living in the country gives them power to realize themselves. Thus, Azuma states that there is no sense in distinguishing the face for being the representatives of the first or the second generation. The reason for this is that modern community tends to recognize outstanding and talented people leaving those, who fail to demonstrate one’s difference in any way. Thus, the historical inquiry of the question gives the basis for numerous attempts for pretending a unique and civically safe person in order to avoid discrimination. Consequently, Korean Americans dream for undergoing the procedure in cosmetology in order to have a feeling of specialness, which stimulates pacification and self-belief. Likewise, the resistance to discrimination caused another issue for the US. One of its peculiar aspects is that Asian Americans tend to oppose mainstream social norms, which pursue the aim of social regulation in a peculiar way. One of the most typical aspects, which involve the opposition are the discussions about race assimilation, male, as well as heterosexual fathers and standards for measures of normative citizenship. 

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Furthermore, one more peculiar feature, which distinguishes the role of Asian Americans in society, is globalization. This phenomenon aims at destroying the borders among the counties along with the share of different social and cultural values for the highest good of the nations. As a result, the Asian American community is spread, which may also cause dissatisfaction of individuals. Therefore, they start transmitting significant transnational contexts, processes, and identities into real-life experiences causing the formation of transnationalism achieved through the creativity and inventiveness of Asian American representatives. 

Transnationalism, as a feature has a certain accent on the facts of crossing borders as well as national, transnational and postnational issues. The fact of stress on transnationalism in American Asians indicates that they failed to explore some individual issues within their culture in the US. As a result, they start actively using cultural presuppositions disregarding the existed cosmopolitan norms and expectations. Likewise, scholars indicate that this feature causes people identifying transnational processes as international or diasporic ones. 

Analyzing Freddie Wong and Jackie Chan

According to the concept of this paper, there is a need for the evaluation of one of the representatives of famous Asians in order to support the personal position. Thus, Freddie Wong is an Asian American male aged over 30, who has Chinese roots as well as delivers various creative ideas by means of introducing short films. He has profound experience is special effects as well as script writing, which is why all his products are produced by him. Likewise, he has several YouTube channels with short movies and discussions, which were done in a professional and futuristic way. At the same time, Jackie Chan is a famous movie star and a producer of purely Chinese origin, who stars in Hollywood movies. Despite his being accustomed to American culture, he is perceived as Chinese, the opposite to Freddie Wong.

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Consequently, Freddie Wong spreads ideas and concepts of transnationalism, whereas Jackie Chan experiences a problem of passing within the American society as not-Asian. The specific aspect of the media product created by Freddie Wong is that it addresses the global culture of videogames. Therefore, the typical features discussed in his video are weapons, fictional situations and non-real conduct of people. A peculiar feature of the videos is that Freddie Wong plays the role of protagonist. Therefore, Wong creates a special attitude towards the mixed race Chinese Americans, who are not recognized as mixed race.  The plot of his stories is usually simple and does not require sophisticated thinking in order to grasp its main idea. For instance, Flower Warfare – Psychodelic Action Scene presents a typical actions film scene with almost full its time filled with shooting. However, the bullets of the guns are substituted with flowers, which create a comic effect of the video. Likewise, other videos consider the topic of joy either presenting various fantastic technologies or other aspects. At the same time, movie Shanghai Noon starring Jackie Chan addresses the communication and interaction of a Native American and a Chinese immigrant. A peculiar feature of the movie is that the Chinese character is shown as a completely different person with the values and traits of other culture. Moreover, one of the sub-topics of the movie is the general difference between American and Chinese human values. Therefore, American culture accepts people, who refer to themselves as monoracial Asian Americans as in the case with Wong. At the same time, people similar to Chan are defined as committed a “racial betrayal” because of their refusal accepting the feature of being monoracial.

Moreover, when characterizing his work as an example of the influence of transnationalism, one has to say that it has no signs of national culture. Thus, all the participating actors wear costumes of modern cloth and bear classic military weapons. At the same time, the Asian American protagonist has no reference to the fact of being a mixed race person. The reason for this statement is that he has no accent and refers only to American realities instead of Chinese. This means that Freddie Wong rejected the ability to use certain aspects of Chinese culture in his movie. Consequently, he focuses on the contemporary value of every American, which is the admiration of funny picture and the captivating action set in the story. At the same time, the fact that Freddie Wong plays every protagonist in his movies creates a positive vision of a brave Asian American. Likewise, the humor in the story bears specific American accent either rejecting the possibility of transferring it into Chinese concepts. Additionally, the movie fails to represent any traditional aspect of Chinese culture, which means that Freddie Wong did not focus on traditional racial issues. Instead, he has chosen a perspective of revealing the transnational concept of the plot. Therefore, the author uses his short films in order to address and spread the idea of transnationalism in the US. Moreover, the ability of YouTube for broadcasting worldwide gives him a possibility for popularizing his talent as well as the transnational features among the representatives of various races.


Summarizing the presented information, one comes to the conclusion that Freddie Wong’s activity on YouTube and in social networks represents the concepts of transnationalism addressed through a media space. At the same time, Jackie Chan is not recognized as a part of American culture because of his refusal to accept the idea of being a monoracial representative.  Moreover, Wong uses various fictional situations of his videos filling a specific niche of computer gamers and video editors. His protagonists are always Asian Americans and they are always brave, which raises the reputation of his channel as well as affects his positive evaluation. Therefore, it is evident that Freddie Wong represents an Asian American person, which changes the concepts of society through a media space. Moreover, his recognition of oneself as a monoracial person increases public acceptance. Additionally, there is evidence that the described aspects raise the adequateness of perception of Asian Americans in American society although Freddie Wong does not pursue this aim. Consequently, the pictures by Freddie Wong support the suggestion that modern Asian Americans tend to use the concepts of transnationalism in order to substitute their missing psychological identity associated with their race. On the contrary, American celebrities, who refuse from the idea of their monoracial representation, are not accepted by the culture.


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