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The current paper reflects the consequences of one of the most essential problems of the humanity – gender inequality.  It reveals the problems faced by women and companies willing to avoid misunderstanding by men and women. At the beginning of the paper, there is an overview of the problem that penetrates the business sphere. It provides the reader with an overall awareness of the seriousness of the issue and the need to solve it as soon as possible. This part of the paper also helps to see the roots of gender inequality that prevents women from reaching their business goals. The next part of the paper discusses effectiveness of the diversity of solutions and offers some ideas how to change the situation. Finally, the third part includes suggestions of the implementation plan that can help the company reduce the problem.

Rationale and Overview

Gender inequality in the workplace is one of the most widespread social problems all over the world. Companies in the USA still face this issue and try hard to find the most appropriate solution. Regardless of the fact that many women are free to join any company, there are still many consequences of gender inequality. While men have a single routine job, women have to spend additional time on childcare and perform their duties at home. There is a little number of men working at home and taking care of children. The northern part of America suffers from gender inequality that has different manifestations of it. For example, women and men do not have equal opportunities for getting promotion, essential retention benefits, and other bonuses that men can have without much effort. It is difficult for women to get promotion or any workplace benefits, which means that men dominate and they can easily achieve success. Women have to work harder and prove that they are worth achieving the same attention from the company. It is necessary to consider the roots of gender inequality in the workplace in order to find out the most effective solution that will be applicable to any company facing the issue.

Stereotypes are the hardest thing to break when it comes to gender inequality. Regardless of the fact that the modern times are the age of feministic flows, where women strive to fight for equality, many men believe that women are responsible only for childcare and the family’s well-being at home. However, there is a need to admit that women are capable of crossing the border of home duties and accomplishing their goals at the workplace. A few men are capable of helping women at home, which means that instead of breaking away from gender inequality, society creates new barriers for women. Other reason why women cannot achieve the same success as men is that it is difficult to combine both work goals and home duties. Women cannot neglect their children or home duties in the name of their job. The most successful women in business still do not have families for the reason of their dedication to job. For example, famous actresses cannot put away their career for the sake of starting a family. Barriers at the workplace create additional tension and stress by putting extra duties on women. As a result, women have to choose their job or home duties. However, do not have to face the same difficulty of choice. 

The problem of gender inequality touches upon destinies of the majority of women. However, some critics and social activists claim that the problem of gender inequality at workplace hides itself in the differences between men and women. For example, men and women use different approaches in the communication. Behavior also differs, which sets different tone for the development of workplace relations. Engagement in the working atmosphere has different outcomes for every individual based on his gender. Behavioral patterns, workplace accommodation, aspirations, and goals set peculiarities for each employee. In fact, this leads to gender misunderstanding, thus creating tension between employees. Stressful situations accompanied by stereotyped thinking lead to the establishment of specific principles in the company, which may prevent women from active engagement in the career building initiatives. The problem leads to the extension of lifestyle barriers of both men and women. Finding balance between duties is the core problem of the social issue in question. Further research indicates the most effective keys to the development of the solution and its implementation in the company’s performance. Peculiarities of both genders become the core of the new strategies aimed at eliminating conflicts between men and women at workplace. In addition, it is essential to consider stereotypes accepted by both genders in order to break them and avoid further confusion leading to misinterpretation of each other’s duties both at workplace and at home. In general, it is the problem of communication leading to the majority of problems. Moreover, companies along with society do not take much action aimed at reducing the issue.

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Solutions Considered and Recommended Solutions

First, it is necessary to talk about solutions, which companies already apply, aimed at eliminating the conflict and solving gender inequality with the help of peaceful measures. For example, companies offer women to involve themselves in the mentorship programs that will support them throughout their careers. Such programs teach women to learn how to develop effective leadership qualities, apply their knowledge, skills, and experience in the workplace. Such programs motivate women to develop themselves and grow into successful leaders capable of spending their time of the development of their projects and goals achievement. Mentorship programs may take a collective form by including several members in a single program. Group meetings help to create unity and mutual support at workplace. As a result, an idea of the mentorship program is to provide a woman with appropriate support during her integration in the sphere of business. However, evidence shows that such programs tend to be ineffective in some cases. Of course, women always find support from mentors in the point of view of aspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Practice shows that women gain more confidence from such meetings; however, it is difficult to make those programs applicable to each specific situation. 

Networking events represent another popular solution taken by the companies aimed at getting rid of gender inequality. Such events vary on the inclusion of men and women; however, the result remains the same. Regardless of the intention of the company to bring employees together, co-workers consider this event not more than a corporate event. Men and women tend to communicate without any barriers. However, when it gets to work problems, employees return to the same issues they face at work. It is necessary to use a different approach with mentorship in order to make them valuable and beneficial for women’s integration in business evolution. The diversity of improvements can change effects of the program on both men and women. For example, men as mentors can become the best solution for such programs. Some tend to label gender inequality a problem of the contemporary women. However, it is necessary to admit that men also play an essential part in the conflicts involving women. At some point, women have to admit that men tend to have more power at the workplace than women. It means that men can teach women how to communicate, achieve goals, gain confidence, and take appropriate decisions. Men also can teach how to set goals, understand men’s nature of communication, find points of contact, and make partnership beneficial for both parties. Men should become the ones responsible for closing the gap between women’s and men’s integration at the workplace. Gender inequality should become a legend of the past, the legend that prevented men and women from cooperating and working together in peace. 

Another solution taken by companies is psychological support included in the company’s performance. Sometimes, continuous misunderstanding and conflicts at the workplace lead to the impossibility of employees to work in a team. It is logical enough to provide subordinates with psychological consultatio, which allows setting free stereotypes and avoiding confusion of roles and responsibilities in the workplace. Employees need to learn that they should cooperate and work for the sake of the company’s development leading to the overall improvement of the working conditions. In addition, psychological support can provide employees with trainings improving leadership skills that help both men and women work in the same conditions using the same set of skills. Finally, such trainings can help to improve corporate spirit of the company and readiness of employees to fulfill each other’s responsibilities in case of urgency. 

Implementation Plan

A typical implementation plan of the company striving to reduce gender inequality should focus on the communication of men and women at the workplace. An implementation plan should also consider the fact that the problem has a social character, and it is necessary to combat it in order to promote further development of the company. First, it is necessary to remember that changes from new techniques aimed at reducing gender inequality will have their effect long after the starting date of the implementation. It means that at least a month should pass in order to implement all changes with high efficiency and much attention. The implementation plan should focus on the specific tasks and actions that the company should take according to its needs. The following steps should be the core of the plan in order to make a change and lead employees to the improved way of communication accompanied by equality. 

First, it is important to review principles of the job interview, which brings new employees to the company. This is the first area that should start relations full of equality. For example, job interviews should avoid the question of salary. Men are more ambitious that women. There is much evidence that women ask less than men do. The company should provide a range of the salary, and a potential employee should choose the level of salary that he finds the most fair. In addition, it will help applicants to fit their skills and experience in the frame set by the company. 

Secondly, the company should include awareness of gender inequality in the training programs. If employees cannot behave in terms of tolerance, the company should be the one teaching them to treat each other with respect. All employees should attend such trainings regardless of their gender. It will help to reduce current problems and avoid future misunderstandings at the workplace. 

Thirdly, the company should be the one showing its welcoming nature to accept women. It should show that men and women have the same opportunities and responsibilities for the development. In addition, awareness of each other’s responsibilities will help to avoid innuendos. 

Fourthly, the company should be the one talking about balance, work flexibility, and company culture. Employees should learn that they are parts of a big company working in the direction of success. Women should not be stressed thinking that they would not have time to take care of their children. Men, in their turn, should also know that they could use the same benefits of the flexible working hours. Balance should become the core of the cooperation, which sets equal terms of the performance for both representatives of genders. 

Finally, continuous collection of feedback from employees can help to understand their needs. An implementation plan should have both tactic and strategic directions. It would be inappropriate to implement changes and forget about new principles of the performance. Employees should always remember that the company takes care of them and it will always do everything to create comforting conditions of the performance. Women should not feel tension, while men should not behave as if they have more benefits than women do. Communication filled with wisdom, respect, trust, and support should become the key to the solution of gender inequality. It should become a peculiarity of the company’s performance. Perhaps, the company will become a good example to follow aimed at solving the problem of gender inequality on the global level. 

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