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How Ericsson Benefitted from Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ericsson has managed to take instant advantage of the resources provided by Amazon. Amazon’s AWS has provided Ericsson with a global computing infrastructure needed to support Ericsson's businesses worldwide. The infrastructure has enabled the Ericsson to reduce its operational costs. This is because they have the ability to install new applications, as well as automated software’s updates instantly in respect to changing demand.  Furthermore, through its freedom of remote access, it is possible for the user to access their cloud from anywhere. The AWS has provided Ericsson with highly scalable, reliable, and low cost infrastructure platform with data hubs in different regions of the globe such as U.S, Singapore, Japan and Europe. Ericsson choose AWS because it is one of the most integrated cloud services provider in the Right scale Cloud Management Platform.

Scalability, Dependability, Manageability and Adaptability of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and RightScale

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 provides a comprehensive environment, a memory, processor and preconfigured software. It provides scalability within minutes on a basis of pay-as-you-go. Furthermore, it reduces the time needed for boot new server, thus permitting the user to quick scale up and down capacity as the computing requirements change. Amazon EC2 allows the use to pay only for the capacity used.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is usually designed to make web-scale computing easy for developers. It provides web services that are used to store and retrieve data, anytime and from any part of the world. It permits developers access to highly reliable, scalable, inexpensive and fast data storage infrastructure used by Amazon. Amazon S3 fabricated to be flexible so that functional layer can easily be added.


RightScale Cloud Management enables the organization to install and manage critical business application across private, public and hybrid clouds. It also provided proficient monitoring, configuration, automation and governance of cloud computing infrastructure. RightScale enables users to scale, monitor and manage the server deployments reliably and efficiently.  It also enables the business to evade from getting locked into a single server because of its portability.

Security Concerns for Cloud-Based Services and Recommendation

There are numerous potential security concerns related to cloud-based services. These include:

  • Privileged User Access

Since vendor controls the cloud, organization information may be accessed by vendor employees and administrators who have access to the data. Therefore, there should be procedures to control, monitor and protect from authorized access to the organization data.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Since the organization is usually the ultimately responsible for its data security and integrity, the organization is usually concerned on the need for the vendor to provide specific external security and audit certifications. The vendor need provide detection capability within the network to monitor traffic flow in and out of the cloud in respect to outlined standards.

  • Data Location

It is often evident that an organization will not know the physical location of the cloud. Therefore, an organization may essentially want to specify an acceptable location, and ensure that vendor agrees to commit to the contract. The Organization needs to maintain complex encryption techniques both in and out of the cloud.

Possible Scalability, Reliability, and Cost Issues Associated with Cloud Computing and Recommendations

Scalability in cloud computing usually means the ability to stream media, applications and processes to an increasing number of users. Scalability is essential to enhance reliability of the services. Amazon integrates multiple load balancers in their system, hardware and software’s that are designed to manage and distribute traffic. In some instance, dis-organized server structures, dependence on third party scaling, lack of data-caching, improper use of the database, as well as use of synchronous calls, as opposed to asynchronous inhibit the scalability and reliability of cloud computing services. Furthermore, all issues increase the cost either directly or indirectly. It is recommendable to use the recommended software’s and hardware’s in order to evade the scalability and reliability issues associated with cloud computing, which eventually scale up the cost of the services.

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