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The two competing antivirus programs are Avast and Kaspersky. Avast is a full-featured freeware antivirus application available to Linux and Microsoft users. The antivirus program is a product of ALWIL software which is based in Czech Republic. Kaspersky internet security offers protection from malware and is compatible with Mac OS X as well as Microsoft windows. The security suite is a product of Kaspersky Lab and offers protection from malware and phishing. The paper will describe the capabilities of the two products, their target business uses, licenses or costs of purchase. The analysis of the two products will culminate in a recommendation of the best product for a specified business.

Avast Antivirus Program

Avast was the first on-access antivirus program to be released for the windows x64 edition. It is available to internet-connected devices and can be accessed in forty five languages. The ulterior objective of this program is to prevent computer threats and infections. The added advantage is that the program will extend protection to rogue software and spyware which are not classified as computer viruses. The other perk is the availability of Virus Recovery Database (VRDB) which can retrieve files destroyed by a malware. Avast Antivirus Program can be used as either a home edition or a professional edition. The professional edition is recommended to users and businesses that need the additional features while the home edition is meant for Linux and Microsoft Windows users. The professional edition uses push update technology which enables the automatic delivery of PUSH update technology. The program also has the capability of offering resident protection that incorporates individual modules or shields. Such modules encompass standard shield, script blocker, web shield, internet mail and scrip blocker. Other capabilities are Anti-Spyware, Anti-rootkit and skinnable user interface. 

The target business uses of Avast Antivirus Program comprise of a cross-platform solution that include antivirus protection, cloud management console, integrated browser protection and web threat scanning. Other business uses are the provision of file server security, endpoint protection suite and email server security. As for the costs and licensing of Avast Antivirus Program, it can be downloaded and used free of charge for the first sixty days. After 60 days, the program will be registered and require a license key for efficient functioning. The Avast professional edition goes for $34.99 annually or at a one-off cost of $49.99 for three licences. The professional edition guarantees some high-tech additional features. 

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Kaspersky Antivirus Program

The antivirus program has the capability of seeking and destroying malware regardless of whether it is known or freshly hatched. The program also has antiphishing as well as automatic detection of removable media. The program can also secure online financial transactions in real time. Kaspersky Antivirus Program can make back-up copies of files before they are encrypted by malicious software. This can be useful in the occurrence of a ransom ware where a computer screen is locked and the user asked to send money before accessing their files.  Another importance of Kaspersky is the ability to defeat key loggers through its virtual keyboard. Key loggers can capture logins, credit card numbers or other sensitive information by monitoring the physical keys on the keyboard. However, the virtual keyboard allows the user to bypass the physical keyboard. The antivirus program also has the capability of issuing warnings on the safety of some websites and blocking access to sites that seem malicious. 

The target business uses of Kaspersky Antivirus Program include deterring users from the accidental download of malware and steering them away from fraudulent websites that might steal login credentials. The program also runs browser configuration scans to ensure malware does not alter the windows security settings. The other business se is the ability to cover online tracks by wiping browser history and pre-fetch cache which stores software instruction for shorter time periods. It also offers file encryption to ensure the safety of the user. The capabilities of Kaspersky Antivirus Program are based on the ability to protect against infections as well as its influence on computer speed and usability. The cost of Kaspersky Anti-Virus (2016) is $39.95 annually and a one-off fee of $59.95 for three licenses. 

For a typical microfinance business that involves numerous financial and online transactions, the best recommendable antivirus program is Kaspersky. This is because the program has supplementary protection tools compared to avast that ensures the privacy of the users is not compromised. Even though Avast Antivirus Program is an efficient and reliable program, its protection levels might have loopholes when it comes to the protection of highly confidential information. For instance, Kaspersky has an onscreen keyboard which aids in the prevention of key-logging which is a primary method of hacking sites by tracking password. In the case of a microfinance business where numerous online transactions are involved, the repercussions can be extensive. The program also has features that would be reflected in premium security software. The features range from network vulnerability scanners, webcam protector, security software and a secure browser just to mention a few. This makes it the best option for a microfinance business. 


Antivirus softwares play an imperative role in the protection of computer programs from malicious software. However, the degree of protection as well as the additional features will vary depending on the type of software. Kaspersky Antivirus Program has the ability to provide an exemplary level of protection as well as performance and usability. It has several features that can keep the computer running while ensuring confidential data is not susceptible to hacking. Avast antivirus program can also offer protection from malware by preventing computer threat infections. 

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