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The organization and general appearance of the official websites of the companies might be an element of the competitive advantage. Therefore, they should be developed and treated with the greater regard and attention. The functionality, SEO optimization, overall navigation opportunities and content clearness are the basic elements that determine the success or failure of the webpage. The presented paper will compare the websites of two companies operating in the field of logistics and delivery and determine which is more appropriate. 


General description. The website represents a combination of types since it provides lots of information and offers the opportunity to order delivery through the website. The products that are displayed on it are of the different types and categories. In fact, they are broken into many subdivisions depending on the characteristics of the shipping, products transported etc. It should be said that no service is promoted more than others. The prices differ mainly due to the weight of the shipped products, items and goods; on the type of transport used the distance etc. Yet, all of them are reasonable. The company offers also express delivery for little extra pay. It is actually a leader in the international deliveries as it has its locations in 220 countries. It also offers the contract logistics services for other companies that are involved in transportation. 

Target audience. The results of the precise evaluation and examination let one suppose that the target audience of the website and the company is rather diverse. In accordance with the official data that is reflected on the website everyone could become a customer of DHL in any part of the world. As a result, one can suggest that the audience of the company and, therefore, website is not limited as everyone can access it. At the same time, it should be stressed that in order to reach its customers the company uses mainly the website that is basically accessed by the independent computer users. In general, the company’s network covers approximately 220 countries and employs 285,000 in different states. Therefore, the company is reachable in every corner of the world. However, the audience is still segmented as it helps marketers to develop the better strategies for reaching the clients.

Those who choose the services of DHL definitely prefer the increased motivation of the company to please its customers; the good brand reputation; the safety insurance; reasonable prices and the leader of the industry. In other words, those who prefer this website and the services provided by DHL treasure the quality and reliability most of all. The good reputation in this regard is indeed important as it helps to retain the loyal customers as well as to attract the new ones. 

The audience of the website could also be divided in few sectors. The first one would include the citizens and non-citizens who order the services of the company. It should be stressed that the company is a leader in the area of international delivery and transportation. Thus, it frequently delivers the goods from one country to another. These people are of different age and with different background. The businessmen as well as ordinary people entrust their parcels in the hands of DHL employees being unafraid of their loss or damaging. Another large sector that benefits from the services provided by the company includes the organizations, business entities, governmental agencies who deliver goods with help of this website. The company has ambitions to become number one provider in the area of e-commerce when it goes about the international trade. The geography of the country covers the Americas, Asia, Europe and even Africa. It means that the citizens of all these countries might be included in the target audience as well as the citizens of other countries who simply order it through the website to be realized in other countries. Thus, e-commerce represents the third largest sector in the target audience of the website. 

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Strengths and weaknesses

The strengths and weaknesses of the website would be assessed on several criterions including the general appearances, the content, functionality, usability and SEO format. 

The appearance of the website is welcoming and warm. The use of the black, yellow and red are combined in harmony. Indeed, this combination is truly beloved by the German users of the websites as these three colors are their national ones. Thus, such a choice might be indeed beneficial for the company. On the other hand, the enormous use of bright yellow color is a little bit irritating. Perhaps, the company might consider the use of less aggressive shade of this color. Additionally, the words are not seen properly as they are too small frequently. It might be problematic for the older people to view them. The graphics used are meaningful, and everything is in its place. The photos that are used are of the high quality. Despite the fact that the company aims to attract the average citizen on the average, it still as the premium services, thus, the quality of the photos displayed on the website should be appropriate. In general, however, the website does not seem to be simple and easy to use. 

As to the content of the website, everything is in order. The data is renewed and up-to-date. The information breaks into many categories. Probably, the company uses the services of the professional writers. The use of the words ‘we, I’ are minimized which lets the customer feel that he is the most important side in the relations with the company. At the same time, it is truly hard to navigate within the website since there are many subdivisions so that the customer has to serve from the page to page and it usually takes a lot of time. The information that is displayed on the webpage is usually limited to few sentences and in order to proceed the customer has to push ‚back‘ and ‚forward‘ many times in a row. Additionally, there are the country profiles displayed for no reason at all. Such information could be easily accessed on the Wikipedia. 

As to the usability, the website meets all the key requirements, The pages are loading fast. The scroll is minimal; yet, it is more a problem than a solution here. There is no layout, unfortunately, to navigate better. The websites works normally when accessed from different platforms and browsers. 

The SEO is optimized as well. Plenty or written content is included in HTML format. The use of key words is also frequent. In general, the website is looking friendly and welcoming. 

Recommendations. The recommendations are few. First, the company should replace the use colors and use more eye-friendly-one. Additionally, it has to increase the front size of the words as they are too minimalistic and small so that a person cannot view them with unarmed eye. The website contains lots of data, and perhaps it would be better to make it less filled since not all of the information is needed. Yet, it is displayed on the website and sometimes accessed by the customer. He or she clicks on it and is misled. It might result in customers’ dissatisfaction or irritation. Additionally, the data on country profiles might be deleted at all. When accessed from the UK or the USA the website offers only one language. However, if accessed from another countries, it offers different options. Perhaps, the company might consider providing the same services for those living in the USA and the UIK since identifying the location the website links the language with the person even though some residents of the USA do not have high level of English proficiency. 

As to the target market and expended services, it seems that the company uses the electronic devices properly to reach the customers. The graphics of the website is rather calm and comfortable so that it suits any person of any age regardless of his or her background. The company today claims to be a leader in the logistics especially in the field of e-commerce. Yet, the later direction still needs to be developed more. 


General description. The website also offers the transportation and logistics services for the individuals and organizations. Its services are broken into many sections that depend on the type of the items transported (whether it is mail or freight), the use of the transport, the distance, time of delivery etc. The prices are calculated out of all these dimensions. It should be stressed that on the contrary to the previous website, here everything is well organized and appears to be easier in use. At the same time, the company published its annual reports and other information that might be important for the stakeholders and investors. All the services are equally displayed on the website so that no preferences are given to the specific service. Yet, the advertisement of the website promotes the international trade and transportations welcoming everyone and calling to import the world with Aramex. By telling that, the company sends a clear message that it focuses on the international deliveries largely. 

Target audience. The target audience of the website is the people who need the transportation services or those who are looking for help with logistics. The company operates in the many countries of the world, so that it easily organizes the deliveries to any corner of the globe. Their personnel is numerous and, thus, customers are serviced properly. There are little complaints about this company in the news and on the web. Since the company operates in the majority of states, it customers are located in different parts of the world; they are of the various age and with different cultural backgrounds. It does not seem that the company offers premium services and treatment; therefore, these customers could be excluded from the target audience. At the same time, due to the similarity of the interface and general welcoming appearance the website is preferred by those who does not feel confident with the use of PC and Internet. Currently, the company is making acquisitions in order to establish or even strengthen its presence on different continents. As the news of the website state, recently the company has covered the South Africa and aims to go further into deep. Therefore, the target audience of the website is rather diverse and multinational which requires both the uniform approach to everyone and the individualized appeal to every customer. 

Strengths and weaknesses 

The strengths of the website are as following. First of all, it has the welcoming and pleasing graphics, which is diverse with the cute little pictures that draw the attention in case they are needed. All the important information regarding the services is displayed on the left side while less relevant on the right side of the webpage. Additionally, the website has the calculator that estimates the price of the delivery and determines the time of it. Therefore, the customer should not look and check for it; instead, the system or the website performs all these activities automatically It is extremely useful and comfortable especially for those users who do not feel confident while using this device. 

The navigation is also quite easy as there are the categories of the services offered at the top of the pages. When the person clicks on it there are the slides providing for further information and everything is extremely clear and easy to use. The webpages open fast and no hesitation occurs. The website has the mobile version so that it could be easily reached from the phone. It is important, as more people tend to use mobile phones instead of traditional PCs. The navigation is consistent so that the confusions are excluded. 

The design used is simple and professional. As has been mentioned, the target audience of tit is rather multicultural so that the company cannot use the specific style. Instead, it should have the uniform style of the website that would be suitable for any audience and would not appeal to any of the cultures or traditions. And, perhaps, such a policy is wiser for the international company in comparison with DHL Company. At the same time, one might suggest that DHL establishes the association with Germany, which is known for the high quality and reliability of its services and goods. 

All the elements of the website work seamlessly and without mistakes. It gives the consistent approach on all websites including the Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc. There is a distinctive buttons and even pictures for providing feedback for the customers. It ensures that the customers can express their concerns in a easy way without getting frustrated by the search of the needed button or e-mail address. Such little details contribute to the improved customers’ satisfaction rates. Moreover, the company provides the opportunity to track the shipment by entering the shipment number. 

In total, it should be said that the website lacks weaknesses. Everything is in order, the target audience is taken into consideration and the simplicity of the interface is ensured. The only concern might be expressed in regard to the pictures and graphics as there are few of them. On the contrary to DHL website where the HD photos with inspiring views are located on the front page and are rather catchy, the Aramex definitely ignores this issue. 

Recommendations. The company might be recommended to supplement the website with he additional graphics and photos in order to inspire the customers to work with them. In general, everything is acceptable in this version of the website. As to the target audience, the website should also provide the social media clicks in order to reach more customers and strengthen its positions on the market taking into consideration that its competitors have not done so yet. 


In conclusion, the Aramex official website outscores the DHL one for many reasons. First, it has the neutral colors for its diverse international community on the contrary to the nationalistic German ones that are attributed to DHL. Secondly, its interface is less complicated and more easy to use. All the necessary buttons are on the surface and are easily noted by the customers and visitors of the websites. Both pages have appropriate SEO and navigation.  

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