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An analytical expository essay is considered to be one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks to complete. In contrast to other types of essay papers, this particular one is based on facts, not on opinions. When writing expository essays, one has to explain some issue by using clear and concise factual data.

The main purpose of such essay papers is to inform or provide explanation of an event or a particular situation that may be difficult for a wide audience to understand.

When working on such an essay, you need to present a subject in detail without any criticism or argument. For example, you can develop your topic by simply analyzing it. In order to create a perfect paper, you need to strictly follow essay writing guidelines provided by your professor.

When writing expository essays, it is recommended to use analogues and familiar illustrations in order to make your work reader-friendly. Just like any other paper, an expository essay should have the basic structure: an introduction, body, and a conclusion. The length of such a work can be different. It usually depends on essay writing guidelines given by your instructor.

Expository Essay Outline

With tons of information available on the Internet today, it is easy to learn how to write an expository essay instantly. Its structure, content, and purpose are pretty clear, as is the fact that the paper of this kind should begin with a proper outline. Planning the paper is important for defining the key ideas and arranging them in a consecutive way, so this part of work should not be ignored. We have prepared a sample expository essay outline for you, which you can use as an example for your own paper. 

Introduction: Bring out the key argument

Many current manuals suggest using various hooks in the essay’s opening in order to grab the readers’ attention. They may work, and it is not a bad idea to apply them, but only as long as you are clear with your message. Just like in similar papers, an expository research paper requires a thesis argument, which should be included in the introduction. What is the main idea that your work conveys? What issue does it address? Make sure to clarify it and place at the end of your introduction. 

Body: List your ideas

The main part of your essay should contain several paragraphs, each dedicated to a separate idea. Support all the ideas with evidence from credible sources and remember to cite them properly. In addition, pay attention to the coherence between the body paragraphs: they should be connected logically and the text needs to flaw without any inconsistencies.

Conclusion: Round it up

Once you have listed all the ideas and said what you had to say, it is time to summarize all that information and formulate a conclusion. However, there is no need to retell the content again: simply draw a line under all your findings and make a sentence that supports the initial thesis statement. Also, it is good to give the readers a food for thought, so you can include questions and ideas for further research in your conclusion.

Expository Essay Topics

While the basics of essay writing are pretty common and generally simple, the process of finding a good topic can be challenging. The main principle here is to search in the sphere that you are interested in, as then you will be engaged in writing, which increases your productivity. We have prepared some catchy topics for your essay, which you can choose from.

Problems in society

  • Domestic violence in developing countries: how can the situation be altered?
  • Gender inequality among children.
  • The issue of racism in Europe nowadays.
  • Religious education as a part of social adaptation.

Environment issues

  • Forest fire in Siberia: Could it have been prevented or stopped?
  • Ecological footprint: what is it and how is it measured?
  • Meat industry: is it changing because of the vegan tendency in the world?


  • Experiments with genes and their consequences for humanity.
  • The recent advances in the sphere of artificial intelligence.
  • New means of transport and their role in global connection.


  • Traveling as a part of modern culture.
  • Social nets and their impact on children’s brain formation.
  • Global Wi-Fi: how will the world change if the net will never be off?
  • National authenticity vs. merging cultures: where is the line between original and common?
  • Celebrities of the 1960s and 2000s: how their images impacted the philosophies of generations.

Sometimes, it is enough to hear or see a short phrase, and you know you are on it right away. We hope that our list of topics and suggestions inspired you for a great essay.

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