• Will I see if there is no writer assigned to my paper?

    It is easy to check on the status of all your orders manually. Log into your account and check whether the payment has gone through. If everything is fine, you will see the status "new." It changes for "Processing" after the writer is assigned and starts working. You can get the complete paper after the status of the order changes to "Sent."

    In case you want to get an automatic notification on the status of your order, you can add a VIP service of SMS notification to the order. Every time the status of the paper changes, you will get an SMS on that. 

  • I read that I can obtain bonus credits instead of the refunded money for my order. How can those credits be further applied?

    If you want to get your refund transformed into the bonus credits, inform our support agents about your decision. They will pass your request to our Financial Department (via email: support@cheappapers.org). Then the person in charge will add bonus credits to your profile. It works only when your refund has been appraised and approved. The bonuses you will receive will be enough to pay for your next order, so you will not need to carry out any monetary transaction.

  • I fail to place my order. There are some submission impediments. Can you explain the reason behind it?

    There may be two basic reasons why your order cannot be submitted. First, you may miss the necessary fields, which have to be filled in. Second, if you filled everything correctly, you may have attached excessively large files. If you need to attach large files, better address our agents and send those documents via email.

  • I would like to make some changes in the order details. I have chosen the wrong type of the paper/ deadline/ academic level/ number of pages.

    After you have submitted the order form, you cannot change the details on your own. Still, you can inform us on the changes needed and delegate that to us. New requirements will be taken into account, and you will be informed about the difference in price you have to cover if needed.

  • It is impossible to update the page of the order form. What should I do?

    First of all, start with checking on the attachments. The website has certain file size limitations; so, large files can interfere with submitting the order form. Finalize placing the order without files and email them to the support team via email or live chat.

  • Can I ask for a revision after I have received my essay?

    Yes. When you receive your essay or paper, please review it right away, as you have 48 hours to ask for changes. We are happy to make this revision free of charge, as long as it does not contradict the original order instructions you gave to us. Except in cases of lengthy graduate level project, we will not provide free revisions after the 48-hour review period.

  • What should I do if I don’t get my paper?

    Check your junk mail first. If you deadline has passed, contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue.

  • How do you send my custom essay order to me?

    Once it is completed, we send it as a MS Word document to your email. If you wish another format, let us know when you place your order. We are happy to oblige.

  • How long does it take for you to complete my paper and deliver it to me?

    Completion and delivery are dependent upon your order instructions, specifically the deadline date you select on the order form. The fastest delivery we can provide is 3 hours.

  • When I buy research paper writing, where do you get the paper?

    The paper is written from scratch by one of our writers who are specifically qualified to research and write in the field of your topic.

  • Will others know that I have used your online custom essay service?

    No, absolutely not. WE NEVER disclose the names of our clients to anyone.

  • How do you guarantee that the essays written for me are not plagiarized?

    First, every writer who works for us must sign a contract guaranteeing that all writing they do for us will be original and custom-produced as unique pieces for their clients. For further assurance, we have sophisticated plagiarism-detection software which checks finished writing on all search engines. We can guarantee that when you buy essay and paper writing from us, it is original, has never been seen before, and will never be found anywhere in the future. We delete finished products from our system once they have been delivered to customers.

  • Is it legal for me to buy essay and paper writing from an online service?

    Yes, it is. We produce sample essays and papers for students to use as guides and for study purposes. Even if you were to turn in a work that we wrote, there is no legal penalty, for there are no laws prohibiting having someone else produce academic writing for you. We do not, however, support academic dishonesty!

  • How do you guarantee on-time delivery?

    You specify the deadline when you place your order, and we honor that deadline always. Should we ever fail to meet a deadline, we provide a money-back guarantee, something that you will not find when you buy works from cheap price writing companies. We recommend that you set a delivery date at least one day in advance of when you absolutely must have it, so that you will receive it in plenty of time.

  • What if I have placed an order and do not get a response from you?

    Check your spam folder. Sometimes, our emails get routed into junk mail. If you still do not see a response, just contact us, and we will quickly resolve the issue.

  • What format do you use?

    Our default format settings are consistent with those of established educational institutions – Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 pt., one-inch margins all around, double-spaced text, with approximately 250 words per page. If you require a different format, you can always change it easily once you receive it in MS Word.