How to Critique a Movie?

It is one of those questions students ask when they face a writing assignment of a new type.

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However, this paper writing is not that difficult as it may seem and it can also be called enjoyable, as people like watching movies and talking about them. One of the differences between simple discussion of a movie with a friend and writing about it in a paper is that writing requires following specific rules and sticking to academic tone. This task is especially easy if you are assigned to write a movie critique essay on a movies you have seen and liked. Nevertheless, even if this task is easy enough to deal with, one thing should be remembered: movie critique is a bit deeper than just a simple review. It require deeper analysis of different elements of a film, including its symbols, characters, theme, etc.  Generally, writing a paper does not have to be a problem for movie lovers. However, if cinematic universe is not what you used to pay your attention to, you may have some problems with completing this assignment. In order to avoid any possible difficulties with movie critique paper writing, we offer you writing services you will be satisfied with. 

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So, what is a movie critique? It is a piece of writing that offers you the possibility to provide your opinion on whether the movie was good or not by presenting solid proofs.

You may also have mixed feelings after watching a movie, so you can speak positively about the movie plot but criticize the quality of special effects. It is up to you to indicate what you like or not but you have to be able to support your point with pieces of evidence and apply a critical approach. 

How to write a movie critique? General Plan

selectSelect a movie 


issuesThink about the issues you want to discuss 


watch movieWatch the movie. It is recommended to do it a couple of times. The first time you will have to understand the general idea of the movie. The second time, you will have to pay attention to specific details and to facts that were overseen earlier. 



Write down facts that seem important for you 


specifyBe specific while writing your critique 


objectivityAvoid subjectivity


If you want to know how to critique a movie, we recommend you to follow our guide. The tips below will help you complete your assignment successfully.


Movie Critique Template

Movie Critique Essay Tips


Critique is analysis

The first thing to remember is that critique is not the same as saying bad things about something. Critique is more like analysis, which is aimed at revealing weak and strong sides of a movie. Even if you consider the film to be a total disaster, you have to take sophisticated approach towards its critiquing.


Pay attention to premise

Premise is defined as a background of a movie. It depicts events that happened or might have happened earlier. While analyzing the premise, you should do the following:

  • Analyze the plot;
  • Pay attention to the structure of the premise. If this element is poorly presented in the movie, it can ruin the overall impression. If premise is poor, indicate what could have been done better.

In order to support your position, it is recommended to provide examples from movie. It will make your argument stronger. If you cannot prove your point, your paper may be weak. 



Characterization is a process of describing the characters of the movie, their motivation, character traits, beliefs, etc. The following issues have to be considered while working with this element:

  • Do not try to cover all characters. Concentrate only on the main one/s;
  • Try to figure out whether the look of the character, the way he/she acts corresponds to the image that he/she was supposed to have in a movie. Such approach will help you understand the character and his/her motifs better;
  • Pay attention to whether the character is properly developed in a movie;
  • Consider the motivation of a character. Does he/she make the viewers believe in the story presented? 

Note that some characters do not need to be paid close attention to. Their role in the movie is to support the main character or just to perform an aesthetic function. In such case, their look is in focus instead of their inner world.


Working with plot and structure

Plot is usually defined as a number of events that form a story. In its turn, structure defines how the elements of plot are connected to form a story. 

        Things to consider:

  • Indicate whether the events in the story is easy to predict;
  • Try to make a movie critique where you discuss how predictable some of the actions and plot twists were or were not. It will help you estimate how intriguing the movie was. While working with this part, you may even express your own feeling regarding what impressed you and what did not;
  • Keep in mind the main elements of a structure. Start with introducing the character. Then, move on to the climax of the story. Tell about the ending;
  • Try to figure out whether the plot is properly connected to the general motivation of the main characters;
  • Keep in mind that before the story ends, there has to be a culmination, which is a pick of the story and the part where tension reaches its highest point. 

Some movies are aimed at presenting some philosophical thoughts and ideas. Analyze the movie to see whether it has such intention and if yes, explain what the idea is. 



Dialogue is a conversation between people. In a movie, it is a communication of its characters. For dialogues, pay attention to the following:

  • Pay attention to whether the dialogues are logical and natural;
  • Are they developed properly?

Dialogue is not only what and how the phrases are said. It also entails body language so pay attention to this element as well. 


Pay attention to originality of a movie

Originality is something new, which does not duplicate previous ideas and thoughts. Originality can be presented in any element of the movie. Look for something you have not seen before and stick to it. If you check information online on how to critique a movie in regard to originality, you can find the following information. You should describe a new technique used by the producer and explain how it was adapted in a movie. You may also pay your attention to the reasons why this technique was used, as well. 



Scene is a particular episode presented in a movie. 

        Things to consider:

  • Analyze how good were the scenes shot and played;
  • Consider whether they were presented smoothly;
  • Do they build a chain that creates the whole story?;
  • Consider if there is any conflict presented in particular scenes. 

Make sure that all scenes are logically connected and transitions from one scenes to the others are properly done. 


Visual presentation

Visual presentation is the way the events and characters in the movies are depicted. It shows interaction of the characters and involves dialogues. If you properly follow a movie critique format, you should pay attention to the following issues while speaking about visual presentation:

  • Does visual presentation correspond to the main idea of the movie and motivation of the characters?
  • Mind if a type of a story corresponds to the level of interaction in a movie. 

Base description of this part on the examples from a film.


Structure of a paper

Structure of a paper is a general structure of a critique essay. In the process of writing, pay attention to the following issues:

  • If other is not specific by the professor, divide your paper into three basic parts: Introduction, Main body and Conclusion. 
  • Make sure each part contains relevant information and covers the topic of the assignment to the fullest. 

Do not forget to proofread your paper after it is ready. It will help avoid silly mistakes and misprints. If you do not know how to write a movie critique for school, ask us for help. Our custom writing company will provide you with a paper of the highest quality! 

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