How to Write a Grant Proposal Step by Step

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Grant proposals are important for many students as they allow them to get money funding for studying. One of the things that students need to provide to the admission committee is their grant proposal writing, so it is crucial to be aware how to write a grant proposal step by step. Moreover, apart from providing financial support to students, funding agencies also support charities. However, the total sum that they are ready to give out depends on the charity goals and the money required. 

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When it comes to charities, some of them heavily rely merely on financial support received in form of grants whereas there are other charities that are no so much reliant on grants. The core reason for that is that they are more limited in time and have a narrow scope. What is even more important, one is required to have specific skills and competence to be able to apply for a grant and write a successful grant proposal. Another aspect that cannot be ignored is time that is needed to provide a premium-quality grant proposal writing.

To succeed in your grant proposal assignment, keep in mind that the grant proposal should be one of the constituent parts of your fundraising plan. It is necessary to have a calendar and a professional and diligent grant proposal writer in order to get a grant for your charity work. 

Grants given for individuals, organizations, and charities come from different sources: from governmental agencies, big corporations or foundations. Still, they require similar information. If you are eager to know how to write a grant proposal step by step, you also need to take into consideration that there are three different kinds of proposals, and each of them is different in specifics and requirements. So, if you are ready for your grant proposal assignment, read the information below.

Tips from Experts How to Write a Grant Proposal Step by Step

  1. Come up with funding priorities. You should definitely outline the main funding needs and provide argumentation what you need the money for. If you are an already existing organization, please mention the organization’s sections or parts that need funding. In case you plan to introduce some new programs, please make sure you mention them as well. Be sure to emphasize on the main grant proposal ideas.
  2. Come up with a grant proposal draft. Remember that drafting is essential before sending your grant proposal to the committee. Please organize the draft in a proper manner. Start with specifying the background of the organization or startup. If you are a part of the team applying for a grant, make sure that each of you has a specific role and that you collaborate. For example, one person may collect some information; the other may compose a proposal, etc. When structuring a proposal, make sure it has the following constituents:
  • executive summary;
  • a strong statement why you need this grant;
  • brief description of the project;
  • the total budget needed;
  • information about the organization.
  1. Find potential funders for your grant proposal idea. Once you have your draft, you can seek potential funders. In this searching process, make sure that the funders are interested in your offer. It means that you should not send applications to any funder but make sure your topic and sphere is relevant to the funders’ interests and areas of specialty. Apart from these criteria, the other important criteria is the location (which should also be applicable to the area of your work and the sphere). 
  2. Contact your potential funders and send your grant proposal. Make sure you go through the pre-contacting stage before just sending your grant proposal to all the funders you have come across. First, contact the funder and ask whether he/ she is interested in the proposal you offer. Make sure you provide a clear and detailed explanation why you are applying for a grant, what your idea is about, and only after this ask the funder if he/ she is interested in your proposal.
  3. Package the grant proposal. If you are sure now that your grant proposal matches the area of interest of your potential funder, make sure you adjust the text of that proposal to the funder’s interests and priorities. Do not expect that you will send out the same text of the grant proposal writing to all funders. If the funder provides some specific grant proposal guidelines, make sure you follow them carefully. 
  4. Respond to the funder regardless of whether the proposal has been accepted or rejected. Follow up if the proposal has been accepted – the prompter you are in your response, the better relationship will you be able to establish with the funder. The next step will be to take care of signing up a contract or sending a letter of agreement. Make sure you do your best to develop the relationship that will endure. Even in case your grant proposal has been rejected, do not ignore this message. Contact the funder and express your gratitude. Besides, you may as well ask whether it would be possible in the future to contact this funder again. You may as well ask what other areas of interest are closer and more appropriate to this funder. 

General Rules How to Write a Research Grant Proposal

To deliver a successful grant proposal, you need to adhere to specific rules and strategies. Check out some of the tips prepared by professionals:

  1. Avoid repetitions of the same ideas or words. Be especially aware of some specific terms of words that are the fastest to come to mind when you are talking about something. So, make sure you proofread the grant proposal so that no word appears in every sentence. Pay specific attention to such words as “client,” “customer,” “collaborate,” “contribute,” and “community” among others. 
  2. Vary the sentence structures you use. Repetitions are not merely the matter of words – please consider also the way you write the sentences. Do not start each sentence in the same way. Make sure you write in different types of sentences. 
  3. Pay attention to the organization of paragraphs. Make your narration logical and coherent. It matters in what order you present different ideas and opinions. So, start by addressing more significant questions and issues and end the proposal with less important ones.  
  4. Use transitions to ensure coherence of ideas. Remember that the grant proposal should be legible and it should be easy to read. The funder or any other person reading your proposal should find it easy to trace your ideas. 
  5. Avoid sentences beginning with lonely “this.” On the one hand, there is nothing wrong in using “this” at the beginning of the sentence but try not to use it on its own, i.e. without a noun. When you overuse this structure, your readers may be confused concerning what you mean and what you refer to. 

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