How to Write a Motivation Letter

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Before we explain how to write a motivation letter, let us figure out what a motivation letter is. Being often confused with a cover letter, a motivation letter is a unique paper that expresses the applicant`s statement of purpose explaining why the applicant wants to become a student at a particular academic institution. Unlike a cover letter that is often written when applying for a job, a motivation letter is usually written by the students applying to colleges and universities. 

So, according to a common motivation letter definition, it is a short document that clearly states the applicant`s motivation and willingness to study in a specific institution. In some cases, a motivation letter can be written when applying for a job. However, this job is usually a non-profit one. What is the main goal of any motivation letter? Before accepting your candidacy, the institution you apply to wants to know more about you, your research interests, your preferences, and your previous accomplishments. All these items will be included in your motivation letter. Therefore, it is vitally important to know how to write a motivation letter.

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Motivation Letter for Study Abroad

Depending on the requirements of the program you apply to, a motivation letter can be an integral part of the application process. Sometimes, it is called a letter of intent, but the very essence remains the same – to inform the admission officers what has influenced the applicant’s decision to become a part of the certain educational community. Some programs have detailed requirements for writing motivation letters whereas others just ask students to prepare a personal narrative explaining what has motivated them. 

Although it may seem a pretty easy task to do, writing a good motivation letter requires much time and effort. A too specific letter will not allow the applicant to demonstrate their creativity, whereas a too shallow letter will not help the recruitment managers understand what makes this applicant different from others. Therefore, before writing your motivation letter, we recommend you think carefully about what should be written in it.

If you are going to study abroad, you should be ready for new challenges and opportunities. Writing a motivation letter may be a great challenge if you lack sufficient skills but at the same time, being written well, it is a wonderful opportunity to reach your career goals easier.

The good news is that there are many helpful tips that will make the writing process smoother. Actually, the international higher education recruiters look for common characteristics and knowing them, you will be able to create a brilliant letter. Thus, you should know that along with the necessary items such as your goals, qualifications, and achievements, your motivation letter should include other important details that will make your letter of motivation truly unforgettable. Below, you will find the efficient secrets that will help you turn a good motivation letter into the fantastic one.


Motivation Letter Guide

  1. Always focus on your strengths. By highlighting your best side, you will convince the admission officers that you deserve to be accepted to the particular college or university program. To achieve the best results, you need to pay attention to your wording. Try avoiding complicated words, especially if you are not sure if they fit the context of your letter. Instead, try to use eloquent and smooth words and word combinations as they will help you state your point clearly. Besides, you need to take care of the flow of your thoughts as being organized in the right order, they will manifest your motivation pointing out to your strengths. For instance, when talking about your participation in the extracurricular activities, make sure to explain the role you played in them. Are you a good leader? If yes, make an emphasis on your leadership qualities. Remember that your narration should provide your target audience with the insight of who you are and what your goals are;
  2. Keep your writing concise. Undoubtedly, making your target audience excited about your writing will bring you a few additional points. However, you need to avoid being too emotional. Indeed, balance is the necessary instrument for reaching the desired outcome in every field. Thus, try to include enough interesting details but not to overburden your letter with them;
  3. Follow the requirements. When applying to the program abroad, you need to make sure your letter aligns with the values of the educational institution you apply to. Remember that good preparation is a key to success;
  4. Watch your structure. Although your scholarship motivation letter may contain interesting ideas, it will not bring you the expected outcome being poorly organized. As such, you need to start with a good introduction in which you will state who you are, as well as why you apply to this particular institution. Try to make your writing engaging but forget about the inappropriate jokes;
  5. Give yourself enough time on your motivation letter. Remember that to write your motivation letter well, you need to have enough time for that. As such, the writing process should include brainstorming, writing an outline, writing the first draft, revising your draft several times, and proofreading. 

Writing a Motivation Letter: Common Guidelines

As for the length of your motivation letter, every institution has its own requirements. However, usually, it takes 500 to 1000 words. No matter what the length of your motivation letter is, it should contain the following:

  • Your most substantial achievements;
  • Your personal strengths;
  • Your career goals and plans for the future.

As well as any other academic paper, a letter of motivation consists of the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introduction should introduce you and state your willingness to become a part of the particular education program. The first paragraph of the main body should contain information about you and your previous achievements. You may write this information in chronological order. The second paragraph should tell what you hope to gain from education. The third paragraph should emphasize your career goals and explain how this particular program fits your career aspirations. In your conclusion, you need to summarize the main aspects mentioned above. 

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