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How to Write a Research Proposal: Tips and Strategies from Expert Writers

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If you wonder how to write a research proposal properly, think of working on a proposal that relates to a specific project. The core difference between these two documents is that the purpose of a research proposal is to carry out a scientific study instead of developing a new project for launch. Some of the other research proposal components are to include qualitative and quantitative research. 

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How to Write a Research Proposal in a Successful Way?

When you need to submit an academic research proposal, keep in mind that you will have to conduct a thorough and in-depth analysis of the topic while also putting forward a specific theory that best corresponds to a certain research. Preferable, the theory should be new – the one that has never been applied to the same or similar topic research. Actually, the main point of your own research is to provide some originality of research and introduce some new perspective to the study. 

Once you have mastered research proposal writing, you will find it easier to cope with Master’s or PhD degree thesis papers or even dissertations. 

An effective research proposal intends to introduce what the research deals with or aims to prove. Apart from focusing on the main components of the future research, it should also concentrate on the discussion of methods and theoretical background to answer the research questions and support the main research hypotheses. Apart from merely being good at research writing, when dealing with a research proposal, it is essential that you master argumentative writing as well. You will surely need to learn how to justify your opinion, provide proof and evidence, etc. Furthermore, you will have to study a lot of different scholarly and peer-reviewed sources that will help you provide a credible literature review.


Research Proposal Writing Steps: What Is Required from You?

When you are required to submit a research proposal, you are expected to demonstrate how your research fits into the subject realm you are studying. In other words, you need to sound convincing about your research significance. Moreover, apart from focusing on how your research “belongs” into a specific discipline, it is essential that you introduce some new aspect that you plan to explore. 

Further, your research should be credible and trustworthy, so it is a must that you rely on peer-reviewed literature sources. Apart from being credible, the research should be measurable and reproducible (i.e. repeated later by other researchers in case of need). If you put all the requirements in short, it is essential that your research proposal is practical enough. Besides, it should demonstrate some broader links with the other studies and also be persuasive and strong. As a research proposal writing, you should always sound convincing and be able to justify your points regarding the role of the research. 

Despite the fact that research proposals normally introduces a serious research, the discussion should be presented in simple and clear language. Avoid using specific terms and professional jargon when possible in order to make the text accessible to the general audience. 

Key Points in How to Write a Research Proposal

Research Proposal Writing Steps

When working on a research proposal, be particularly careful and attentive about the research proposal formatting, structure, and organization. As a rule, the research proposal composes of the following parts:


Introductory paragraph

Make sure it is brief, concise, logical, and appealing. It is a must that you grab attention of your audience right from the beginning of the introduction. After looking through your introduction, your reader should want to read the paper till the end. Apart from introducing the topic, it is a must that you mention methodology and importance of the research. 


Background of the research

Many topics are rather broad, so it is recommended that you provide an overview of the subject area and clearly narrate about the essence of the problem. Since a research proposal differs from ordinary essays, keep in mind that you need to follow a specific structure. Therefore, use paper samples or examples that you can find and rely on them. However, make sure that they are credible and were previously written by professionals. 


Provide a concise literature review

You should definitely provide a clear and logical review of sources. It is difficult to complete this section since before writing it, you need to study a lot of scientific and peer-reviewed sources. Therefore, be sure you have sufficient time to cover this section.


Identify research methodology

Here be so kind to provide effective methods that are relevant to your research topic. When coming up with the appropriate methodology, try to be original and use those methods that were not used previously. 


Provide research outcomes and future suggestions for the research

Even though it is not a completed research paper yet, it is advisable to provide possible research outcomes and study results. Moreover, you need to specify how the research might influence others.


Formulate a conclusion

This section should be short and succinct. Do not provide any irrelevant information and do not repeat yourself. Re-emphasize why the research is important and why it is worth being conducted. 

Research Proposal Example

How to Get the Best APA Research Proposal?

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